Sunday, December 22, 2013

Energy Healing

With the new slant to my blog for the (few) people who read it, I've had some questions:

"What do you mean by 'Energy Healing'?"
"What is 'Energy Work', anyway?"
"How does this 'Energy thing' work?"
"What are you peddlin', woman?!"
"Are you talking about electricity when you say 'Energy'?"
and "What are you into now..."

So allow me to try to explain a bit...

I began taking Yoga classes in 2008.  I immediately fell in love with it because it's "precise-ness" reminded me of Ballet, which I began taking at the age of 11, and steadily took classes until I was 18 or 19.

I *loved* Ballet.  The gracefulness.  The beauty.  The precision.  
Every body part was supposed to be in a certain position, with each part being paid physical & mental attention to, all at the same time.  Plus, all of that was put to music; co-ordinated, graceful, precise.
A "Discipline", if you will.


I could be in the worst mood on my way to Ballet class, but by the time class was over, I felt Wonderful again!  
True Love.

Well, after 25 years of *not* having Ballet in my life (but always having it at the back of my mind, as much a part of me as knowing how to ride a bike, or how to swim), I went into a Yoga class at the Y, not expecting much.  
Not really knowing what to expect AT ALL... when...


Precision.  Beauty.  Discipline.

Much like Ballet, Yoga requires each body part to be "active", all parts at the same time.

I loved it right away!
I started doing Yoga every weekday.  I quickly learned the English names of the poses.  It took me a while to learn about the breath...
With Yoga, it helps to inhale into poses and exhale out of poses.  It took me a *while* (and a very good teacher) to realize that when she said, "Exhale into Down Dog", she really meant to EXHALE as you go into Down Dog!  Once I started moving WITH the breath, it really became a "Dance of Magic" for me.   =-)
Once again, I could be in a horrible mood (or going into my Depression), but by the time I left Yoga class, I would be feeling Good again.   =-)  So...

I Fell In Love!

I stopped going to the Y and started taking Yoga at a studio, and got "deeper" into Yoga.  The inhaling and exhaling.  The movement and stillness.  The "Reaching up and rooting down".  The "Opposites coming together to create Balance".  I loved it all.  

At the Studio, I found that each posture had *another* name, and it was in another language called Sanskrit.  I learned that the breath should be more "at the back of the throat, and rolling" (called "Ujayyi", or "Conqueror's" or "Victor's" breath).  I learned that there are many, many breathing exercises that have different effects on the body and the mind.  I learned a little bit about Meditation.
I learned that there is so much to learn in Yoga that I took the Yoga Teacher Training in 2011/2012.

In Teacher Training, they talked about a LOT of "new" (to me) things:
Yoga history.
Yoga philosophy.
Thai Yoga (intro).
Chair Yoga (intro).
Prenatal Yoga (intro).
More about Meditation.
Ayurveda (the "sister science" to Yoga).
Pranayama (the "Breath of Life").

Some things, I "took to" right away.
Other things took me time to "assimilate" in my brain. "that Energy stuff"...   

(As a "side note"... One of my Teacher Training "sisters" told me last month that as soon as we started touching each other in the Teacher Training classes, she knew "right away" that I would get into "this Energy stuff".  She said that my Touch was "just different".  She's intuitive like that.  I wondered why she never told me about that...)


So... What *do* I mean by "Energy Work"?

Well, not to tease you or anything, but now that I've written so much about Yoga, I think it best to wait until my next post to really tell you about Energy Work and how I got here.

I'll be back soon (-ish!).

Have a Beautiful Day!

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