Friday, February 21, 2014

My Epiphany through Crow Pose

So, you know what Crow Pose is?
If not, this (images, crow pose yoga) should help you out.

Well, a year or so ago, I *had* it!
I could do Crow Pose like I can do Mountain (basically just standing erect).

...but then...

Then I lost it.

Somewhere along the way, I realized I couldn't get into Crow anymore.

I decided I thought I was gonna face-plant... or something.

I just... sort of... had a little freak-out-moment and decided I was now scared to do Crow.

So for about a year, I've attempted Crow pose when my instructors offered it, but decided I didn't want to fall, so I didn't "fully" try doing it.

Last week, I had a REVELATION!
An Epiphany, if you will.

The instructor, Tammy, was being very gentle with us in her attempt to get us to try Crow.  She was teaching to the beginners in the room, and saying, "Maybe just *try* it.  If you don't get it, that's alright.  If you only get one big toe off the floor, then you can congratulate yourself!"  
So I went into it with an open mind.  
Then I began thinking about how and why I'd been having "trouble" with Crow for the past year or so...

Just as I was attempting to "attempt Crow" (yet again), I began to realize that I wasn't really scared of doing a face-plant...

And suddenly I drew in a gasp of breath because I realized
"I'm not scared!  I've just been comparing myself to others!"

About a year ago, I started looking at pictures of others in Crow pose, and realized that the majority of them kept their butts down a lot more than I did...
So I started trying to do Crow with my butt down more...
And this is about the time I "lost" my Crow!

I realized the other day with Tammy that I'd been comparing my Crow to others' Crow, and decided that my Crow was "inferior" or "wrong".

But I had been doing Crow!
How can MY pose be "inferior" to someone else's pose?!?!
My knees were on my upper arms, and my feet were off the floor.  Isn't THAT what Crow is supposed to be about?!?!  Balancing on your hands IS Crow!

So now, with this revelation, I have found a new Peace.
A Peace where I STOP comparing my pose to the poses on the covers of magazines.
A Peace where I stay out of my head and fully in my body.
A Peace where I stop worrying about what I look like, and continue to realize how I feel.

I didn't get Crow pose last week, but I did get it for a fraction of a second.  
So that's progress!  =-)

I'll continue to try it, 
and I'll continue to be soft with myself, 
and I'll continue to remember to FEEL how Crow pose feels in MY body as I attempt "flying" in it.  
Because as Tammy said, "Just because you can get into Crow, doesn't make you a better person."

So I'd better go get my yoga clothes on and head to class.   =-)

I hope you're having a Beautiful day, and remember:
Stop comparing yourself to others!  
Because there is no one like you!!!

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