Thursday, February 6, 2014

Love and Energy Healing and Love

So, last year I began feeling led to do "Energy Healing".

If you'd have told me 2 years ago that I was going to be doing this, I would have looked you straight in the eye and said, "BULLshit!"

'Cause 2 years ago, I totally didn't believe in this type of thing.

But I've been on a slow journey.  (Slow 'cause, apparently, I'm resistant to change.)

Yoga opened up my mind to a lot of "unexplainable" things.
Breathing helped me to stand aside from my ego, and listen to mysteries and ask questions for a bit.
Meditation answered curiosities and whispered epiphanies to me.

And now, here I stand on the other side.

Feeling it's my Duty to Love Others.

To Love EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING on this Planet.

That's a VERY tall and almost-impossible feat.
I know this.

I know this from the very heart of my Heart.

But it's my Directive.

This past Summer, those words escaped from my mouth without my even knowing I was going to say them, and AS SOON as I said them, I knew them to be the Truth of Truths.

Sitting here now, I can only assume an Angel made me say them...

So I decided "I Choose Love."
And the Gift of Energy began to come to me...  Unasked for.  "Un-thought-about."  "Un-decided" about.

So, after I began "feeling something", I began to read.
Read a lot!

"Healing with Crystals and Chakra Energies" by Sue & Simon Lilly
"Energy Healing for Beginners" by Ruth White
"Healing Visualizations: Creating Health through Imagery" by Gerald Epstein
"The Healing Energy of Your Hands" by Michael Bradford
"Wheels of Life" by Anodea Judith
"Energy Medicine" by Donna Eden
"Energy Healing" by Ann Marie Chiasson, MD
... and I think there's more, but I can't think of them right this minute.
And I have more to read!
I'm currently in the middle of reading:
"Energy Medicine for Women" by Donna Eden
and I still have waiting for me:
"Energy Medicine" by C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD
"Energy Tapping" by Gallo & Vincenzi
Plus (!) I still wanna read:
"The Seven-fold Journey" by Anodea Judith
and a BUNCH of stuff by Caroline Myss!

That's a LOT of reading!
Plus, I've done lots of reading on the internet, and I've watched plenty of YouTube videos about this subject.
Sure, some people are pretty far out there, where this Energy thing is concerned.
But there's a lot of "credible" stuff out there too.

So, what am I talking about?
Well, perhaps you've heard of "Reiki"?
That's Energy Healing.

Or, better yet, perhaps you've heard of Acupuncture?
That's Energy Healing!

I know. Right?  I had no idea *that* had anything to do with Energy, but it *totally* does!  It's all about Meridians, and Meridians are "simply" Rivers of Energy, if you will, that run over, around and through your body, governing/helping your organs and your whole body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on Energy, as well.  Again, it's based on the Meridians.
Acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese Foot Reflexology, Traditional Chinese Medicine; ALL work on the premise that your body is full of, covered with, and protected by Energy.  

Chi.  (Chinese)
Qi.  (Chinese)
Ki.  (Japanese)
Lom.  (Thai)
Prana.  (Indian)
The Great Mystery or The Great Unknown.  (Native American)
Universal Life Energy.  (American)

Throughout history, all indigenous tribes around the World had a "medicine man" (or woman), many times called a Shaman, who not only took care of the tribe's health and well-being, but also of its Spirituality.  Energy was a part of both.  A part of all.

According to *every* book I read, EACH of us is capable of feeling this Energy, and of helping each other by using this Energy.
Most of us, though, tend to let this "feeling" or "knowing" die down until we don't really even notice it anymore.

And now, most of us are so far from Nature, and we have so much technology, that we don't even want to believe such a thing exists...

And with that, I must go for now.
I have a floor to vacuum,
and a bathroom to clean,
and supper to cook, 
and soon, a husband to greet at the door.

I'm still Me, even if I am "a bit loony"-er than I was yesterday.   =-)

Hoping you have a Beautiful Day today and tomorrow.


The new massage table Boyfriend got me for Xmas...

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