Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm Taking MyTime But

I'm quilting my project!

Kitty found my safety pins...

in her room!

I told her I didn't care where they were, just that they were found. :-)

She started a quilt this past summer (a big one of 4"x5" patches), and she had the pins with it 'cause she's almost ready to put it together. I need to help her with it...


this one is my priority right now. :-) Once it's off the machine, I'll get back to helping her with hers.

It's chilly today; it's 43 degrees at 11am here, but the sun is out and it's a beautiful day.

I just got back from the doctor - I had my annual thing. They did my bloodwork last week for it, and it's all good. :-) Plus I had my mammogram at the end of January, and that came out fine too. So it's a healthy start to the year. :-)
Have you had your check-up lately?

Well, that quilt isn't going to sew itself! :-)


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  1. I'd been yelling(almost yelling) at someone I know yesterday, since she has never had a mamm, so glad you are getting everything you should, health-wise, taken care of. It is very cold here today also, but I expect that for Feb in NJ. The ocean had lovely frothing whitecaps on it this morning. Well worth the cold. I do not have the patience for quilting, but I once read a book about Amish quilts. Does that score me points?