Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm So Upset!!!

Pissed *and* upset!!!

I have my quilt/batting/backing taped to my living room floor, and
I have looked in every room of my house!
Can't find 'em!
The house must have eaten them!
I am wanting to pin my quilt together, get it off the middle of the floor (in the way!) and get started quilting it together!
But noooo. I can't because I've put my safety pins *somewhere* and *now* I can't find them!
It's so *aggravating*!!!

Remember that I moved my sewing and cutting tables down to my dining room? Well, somewhere between the Art room and the dining room, those safety pins disappeared. Poof!
I'm going to keep looking, though.
I *refuse* to go buy new ones when I *know* I have a *bunch* of perfectly good ones here in this house!

I need to change the subject or something before I get all riled up again.

So, what are you making for supper?
I haven't really thought about it for tonight.

Weather update: It's 73 beautiful degrees out right now.

Ooops! It's one o'clock. I need to get to school to drive the children home. :-)
I'll blog more later!
Hopefully the next one won't be a rant. :-)


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