Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Quilt!

Well, I've done it!!! I've pieced a new quilt!!!

First I need to say that it's been more than three years since I made a quilt. I'm on a Yahoo quilters' group, and one day someone gave the website for this blog: . Well, in looking through her extensive blog, Amanda Jean (said 'crazy mom') inspired me to get my butt in gear and start quilting again!

I brought my sewing machine, table and cutting table downstairs into the dining room. I put the dining room table in the office ('cause, sadly, we really don't use the dining room for its original purpose). I went through my stash of fabrics and brought out two really nice packs of fat quarters that I bought at least four years ago. One pack was black fabrics with white, and the other pack was reds with black. I love the color combinations!

There were 12 fat quarters of the black with white, and 12 of the red with black...

I cut the fat quarters into 2 1/2" by 22" strips.
(I only used 21 of the fat quarters 'cause two of the fabrics were really burgundy and I didn't want them in there, and one of them I just couldn't cut. I like it too much. :-) )

Anyway, next I arranged the strips into a pattern of 1 black, 1 red, 2 blacks, 1 red (& repeat, thus the pattern).

I sewed the strips end to end, so I had one l-o-n-g strip, and then I cut that into 5 1/2 foot strips.

Then I sewed the strips together and ended up with this:

I love it!!!

I'm really tickled, and for a number of reasons:

1. I started quilting again.

2. I started last week and the top is already done!

3. It actually looks good, and I'm pleased with it! (Liking what you've made without criticizing the crap out of it is a big feat for me... and many others, so I've heard.)

Now, though, I have a problem...

I have to figure out if I'm going to give it to my Mom or my little sister Lindsey. When I started piecing it, I had no idea who it was for, but when it was about two feet long my youngest daughter, Kitty, said, "That looks like Lindsey." So I thought I would give it to her.

But then I was talking to my Mom on the phone and when I told her I'd started a quilt, she asked me what colors were in it. When I told her black, white and red, she gasped and exclaimed, "Oh! Those are my colors!"

So now I have to think while I'm working on it.

Sister or Mother...

Sister or Mother...


Anyway, I've already figured out what I'm going to do on the back. My oldest, Bunny, helped me with that. She has a really good sense of design and color and all.

I'm going to borrow Amanda Jean's technique of having a small section of piecing on the backing. I think it's going to look g-r-e-a-t!!!

I'll post pictures as I go.



  1. Isn't it fun to get back into quilting?! It is terribly addicting for sure. I say give it to your mom with a label so that it goes to your sister later. Thanks for being a follower on my blog...this is how I found you!

  2. how fantastic that you are quilting again! your quilt top looks great. and good luck with your decision of who to give it to. that's a tough one!

  3. I like the colors too! (NC State- Go Pack). You are doing a great job and the best thing is you are enjoying it!

  4. I love that you are back to quilting, I think the quilt looks really great. I loved it when you said there was one fat quarter you couldn't cut because you liked it too much. I am like that, there is some fabric I just have to look at and enjoy. Thanks for following my blog! Have a wonderful day.