Thursday, February 5, 2009

I've Been Saying It All My Life

I've been saying 'I don't know' all of my life.
When I was young, I said it a lot, and I think it was usually because I didn't really want to say what was on my mind, or because I didn't want to say what I really felt, or because my answer wasn't the answer someone wanted to hear.

Well, I'm still saying I don't know. And I guess it's for a lot of the same reasons.
But I'm trying not to say it so much. I'm trying to tell people what I really think and feel. It's not so difficult anymore. We age and grow and learn and become more comfortable with who and what we are, I guess. And we gain in confidence. I am so much more confident now than I was in my twenties and thirties.
Thankfully! :-)


We still have some residual snow in shady spots, and school was delayed for two hours today. It really messes people up for some reason. I'm so surprised at the number of people who cannot figure out what "two-hour delay" means! Come on people! If you usually catch the bus at 6:55am, then just count two hours up and figure out that you will need to catch the bus at 8:55am this morning! It's not like it's rocket science!
And I'm supposed to be the one who's confused by numbers! Sheesh!

But, all in all, it was another good day. :-)
And I got a major surprise today.
I came home for a "short" lunch (which isn't really short in the first place; it's just that today's was shorter than usual), and Bunny (my oldest daughter) came downstairs and hung out with me for a little bit.
I jokingly asked her if she'd like to ride the bus with me this afternoon, and



I couldn't believe it!
So, of course, I took her up on it! :-)
I showed Bunny off to my co-workers, and then we left on my route. The kids loved her. Everybody usually does. Everybody always has. It's almost odd how strangers like her instantly...
Anyway, I got some much-needed time with my oldest. Now that she's finished with high school, I really don't see her that often. Her schedule is different from mine, and she's always flitting off with her friends if she isn't asleep. :-)
It was really good to be with her most of the afternoon, even if it wasn't totally one-on-one.
Thank you Bunny. You are my heart, you and your sister. I love you both so much.
I'm changing the subject before I get all mushy and start tearing up. :-)
Actually, I think I'll go work on my quilt backing, which is shaping up fairly nicely if I do say so myself.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my Mom drove a bus when i was in high school.....small world!!

    Stay warm and safe.....

    ps....i'm in West Jefferson, NC