Monday, February 23, 2009

Today, on my way home between bus routes

I stopped at a fabric place.

When I walk into a fabric store, I become overwhelmed because there's too much to look at. Too many choices. Too much to be distracted by.

So I called my little sister Z. My next quilt is gonna to be for her because she's been bugging the **** out of me to make one for her. :-)

I called her and asked her to help me out. Every time I've asked her what style she wants, what pattern, what colors, what *any*thing,
she tells me it doesn't matter.
For someone like me (confused as soon as I walk in the fabric store), this is *no* help whatsoever!
She explained that she was just trying to make things easy for me.

I love her.

But she does not know how my mind works!

Anyway, this morning she told me that she wants something bright and cheery.


Bright and cheery...

So this is what I got:

And a close-up of the patterned fabric:

How's that for "bright and cheery"!

Cute! And Bunny (my 19yo daughter) proclaimed it adorable. (grin)

Now I just have to cut it... (shiver)

Wish me luck. And I hope I have enough fabric. I hate trying to figure out just how much I'm gonna need of what fabrics. Especially if it's when I'm standing in the store... Not only am I "challenged" in the fabric store, but I'm also "challenged" at math! lol

I'll keep you posted.



  1. Hi Baby Sister - I think Zee will like - definitely bright and cheerful. Good luck on this one :-)

  2. I ran across your blog (sorry for the footprints) and enjoyed your reads. I shall return. Take care and enjoy your Today,