Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Zee's "Bright & Cheery Quilt"

It began snowing Sunday evening. I woke Monday morning to a white-washed world, and an announcement that school was cancelled. I'd rather have had a two-hour delay, but I'm not running things... Now we'll have to make up that missed day.

But on the positive side, it gave me time to begin Zee's quilt! We went to the in-laws' on Saturday, and on the ride back on Sunday I had plenty of time to figure out exactly how I would do it. I'm making 11 1/2" x 3 1/2" rectangles of each of the solid colors. (It'll end up being 11 x3 once it's sewn together. The extra half-inch is for the seam allowance.) I'm sewing them in the "RoyGBiv" order, and I'm putting a 2 1/2" strip of the heart fabric between each colored strip.

Yesterday I got all of the solid colors cut and sewn together. Last night I got a call that there would be a two-hour delay today, but then, this morning bright and early, I got a call that school was cancelled AGAIN.

But it gives me all day once again to QUILT!
Yay!!! :-)
I should be able to piece the entire front of the quilt today, and perhaps begin on the backing. I haven't decided about the backing yet. I bought a couple of yards of solid black for it, and I may end up seeing what fabric is left over and using that for my large strip on the backing. We'll see...

Kitty made soup for lunch yesterday, and it was really good! I called it Baked Potato Soup. She took a couple of pix, and I think she'll blog about it. She started a cooking blog. I'll have to wait 'til she wakes up to find out the URL for it, and I'll let you know. I'll try to post a link... :-)



  1. I am hoping you will take pics and share. Have a wonderful Today and enjoy your Tomorrow! Take care.

  2. I hear you about the snow days and missed school. School has now been extended two more days at the end of the year.

    Post some pics! Can't wait to see your quilt.