Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's Pieced!!!

Well, I've sewn mostly all day and now...

I've pieced Zee's quilt!!!

I am so tickled!

Thank you for the encouragement, and I'll post pics as soon as I can.
I haven't been feeling well today, and, actually...
I'm wanting to get it all together before I post a picture. I'm not sure why.

I've pieced it, but I think it needs something else. I laid it on the living room floor and went upstairs (on the "overlook") to put a little distance in viewing it, and I believe I'll put a black border around it. Then, once I get it quilted, I'll put the heart fabric as the binding.

And I haven't even thought about what I'll do for the backing!

But I have a goal of making four (4) quilts this year, and I'm getting a good start on that. :-) So far, one for February, and I'm well on the way with the one for March.

Suzanne, have you been thinking about colors and/or patterns??? After I finish Zee's, I'm making a baby quilt for a friend of Bunny's, but then... ? Of course, Bunny wants me to make one for her since the one I thought was hers has been snagged by Boyfriend. :-)

And, yes, that means that an 18yo friend of Bunny's is pregnant. And the thing is that she looks so much like Bunny that people have been asking Bunny if she's pregnant! She thinks it's funny. I think it's... Nevermind what I think.

We saw her friend K (the afore-mentioned teen) today, and she looks so scared. She's really not sure what to do. She knows she's not getting an abortion, though. But otherwise, she's taking it day-by-day and being scared in general. I sooo want to talk with her... I'm biding my time, though.

For now I'll console myself in my accomplishment:

I pieced the quilt today!!! :-)

I hope everyone has a peaceful ("piece-ful"?) night!


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  1. I can't believe you're going to keep me in suspense until the end?!? But I will be trying to come up with some ideas about the quilt for me. Thank you - 'cause I know it will be beautiful!