Thursday, June 18, 2009

Number 30, I Believe...?

I've been obsessing lately...

I'm making a quilt for Bunny (19 yo daughter), and it's applique'd!

Did I say it's applique'd? I mean the entire thing is applique'd!!

Yes, I *am* crazy, thank you very much.

I'm quite possibly STUPID too!!!

Anyway, the vision I originally had in my head looked a little bit like this:

But not quite.
Yes, that's a strange, Tim Burton-meets-Willy-Wonka-type curved, rounded or whatever tree. I wanted it to have another curved-rounded-whatever branch on the left, but it just was not cooperating. I just could NOT get the vision that was in my head onto the fabric (well technically, onto paper first, but whatever). Plus, I wanted many flowers and lots of greenery around the bottom of the tree, a silver moon on the top right, and a Luna moth flitting around on the left...
But things were not going as planned. The fabric was NOT cooperating...

So I went to plan B:

I decided it would look better as a more "traditional" tree...

Because the image in my head just would NOT become a reality for me!!!

So then I added a few flowers:

I haven't added any of the greenery yet (except for the one lone lily on the right). It is really slow going. Did I mention that the WHOLE thing is applique'd?!?!

Damn! Whose bright idea was this?!

Anyway, a close up of the large daisy-like flowers:

And the really time-consuming, but adorably cute... whatever-kind of flower:

So, luckily, I'm liking it. =-)
But it's not finished. Oh no. It's not nearly finished.
I still have to make lots of greenery.
And more flowers.
And did I mention there'll be a flutterby flitting around on the left (instead of the Luna moth)? No? Well, there will. And guess what? It too is to be applique'd! Big surprise, that, I'm sure.
None of this is tacked down yet. It's still fairly "fluid", so to speak. I'm still messing around with the layout.
But I plan to continue on, despite that it may possibly be the most difficult quilt I've ever done. That, plus the fact that I really don't have any applique experience to speak of, and that the layout continues to change as I go along...
I've known for quite a while now that I'm clearly out of my mind, but now... well... There's no denying it to me or to anyone else, really.
But the upside is that you, my dear reader, get to simply sit back and watch the chaos ensue! =-) So, bonus for you! haha!
Please allow me to go back to my own personal CrazyTown to continue in my Folly. More pictures to follow... soon, hopefully.

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  1. suzwsouth@hotmail.com6/19/09, 11:53 AM

    Hi Baby Sister, it's looking amazing to me! I think you're on the right track - if that's any consolation. Oh, and you're not really too crazy, just a little ;>)