Monday, June 15, 2009

Today seems to be an odd day for me...

I'm sort-of wandering around, talking out loud to myself...

Boyfriend is at work, our oldest daughter is at one of her college classes, and our youngest is taking her kitten to the vet...

So I'm stuck here, alone, wandering around between loads of laundry, with the tv on for noise...

I'm sort of lost today.

I'm in a funk.

But SHE gives me comfort! =-)

It's not a very focused picture, but really, are we supposed to *clearly* see faeries? Aren't they supposed to stay in the realm of "those things that we're not quite certain of"?

She found me at a yardsale, and my 18 yo daughter tried to claim her, but she stuck with me. (Yay! The gods smiled on me yet again.)

I still need to find a name for her. Any suggestions? I have no idea if she came with a set of anything, nor if she's a cartoon, or what. Nor do I want to know!

And the quilt I'm working on is lying there looking at me accusingly.

I need to get to work on it, but I'm stuck for a bit.

I guess I'll go look around the 'net for some tutorials on applique'...

Back later. But in the meantime, here's a sneak-peek at this thing I'm trying to work on:


  1. Hi Wendy,
    I just noticed you following my blog. Thanks for hopping by to visit. Do you live in the same small town as me? New Bern? Sure would be nice to meet a quilting buddy.

  2. Wendy....i think it's all this wet weather that has "us" in a funk.....i can't seem to get moving......yes, you were close to me on Saturday.....we live about 4 miles south of West Jefferson in the Fleetwood area.....beautiful up here ...isn't it!!??

    Name her Bree.........LindaMay relation to Michelle......Hi! Shell....visit me sometime......

  3. what a cute little fairy girl...girl, right? You're right about the sidewinder, how did I ever live without one? I went to visit my little old lady friend who quilts and took mine along to show her how they work. She loved it! I won't sell her one but just go see her every week to wind hers. It'll give us a chance to visit, lol. Thanks for dropping by for a visit. Oh, go see oldredbarn blogsite and check out her quilt in progress, very inspiring. She is teaching along for the past few weeks and giving away a pricey machine to boot. (I lived in Creedmore, NC in 1999-2000). Small world, eh? Check out her quilt though, very cool. Elaine from Texas

  4. Shasta? Or maybe Bree? Or better yet, name her cindy? I dont know. Im talking out of my rear....?