Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Lied...

I didn't intend to, though!
(That makes it okay, right..? Right?!)

Yesterday I said I was going to leave you to go work on Bunny's quilt...
But I didn't.
I am trying to keep Bunny from seeing her quilt until I get it done, and her boyfriend is out of town... so she's been home most of the time...
Kinda' makes it difficult to quilt without her seeing, when my machine is in the dining room and I have to keep laying it out on the living room floor! =-P

Anyway... Long way around to let you know that instead of working on Bunny's, I actually started one for my Mom-in-law, "L"! I wish I had a picture of the fabric. I even went here

to try to find one...
But apparently it's an "old" one.
I'm making L's quilt out of "Symphony" by Sentimental Studios from a layer cake by Moda. Boyfriend picked it out. I'm really liking it!
Kitty, however, doesn't think it's really her Granny's type of fabrics...

Oh well! It's already started, so... Too bad!

Besides, if her one & only son picked it out, and her only daughter-in-law is making if specially for her, then I'm fairly sure she'll love it.

I'm going the easy route and just using the layer cake "as is" - I'm using the 10 inch squares and joining them with strips of black, so it'll kinda be reminiscent (sp?) of a window... If you use your imagination, I guess.

But it's gonna be nice! And it's gonna be easy! That's important since Bunny's has been soooo involved, and something that's really making me think!


as soon as I get pictures,

I'll post 'em so you can see 'em! =-)

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