Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wow! Third Day In a Row!

So yesterday I posted about the layer cake quilt I was putting together for my Mom-in-law, but I had no pictures...

Well, I finished piecing it yesterday (except for the borders), and I actually took pictures too!! =-)

So here you have it - Lottie's quilt (in progress)

The whole thing (taken from the upstairs balcony):

A close-up:

Another close-up:

The colors aren't coming out very well. I used Kitty's camera instead of Bunny's expensive one, so... It is what it is. You get the idea, anyway.
They really are rich colors. My sister asked me what colors are in this one and I couldn't answer her, other than, "Lots of colors!" (Yep, I have blonde moments frequently.)
Anyway, for those of you who follow me...
"Really?! Three days of posts in a row?!"
Shocking, I know.

1 comment:

  1. LMAO!!! I saw the word cake and zoomed in for a closer look. I was thinking how did she make such a colorful cake. I want to make a cake like that. I thought maybe you put a lot of little cakes together.

    ... ITS A QUILT!!! I was just so excited to see the word cake that my eyes skipped the word quilt.