Saturday, August 8, 2009


We just got back from the beach, and let me tell you:

Vacations are the best!

We were there for a week (Saturday to Friday), and what a glorious week it was! On the way home, I called my Mom to chat. She asked what we did all week. I said something like:

"Oh... we'd wake up in the morning (and I do mean morning - usually around 8a.m.!), eat something, wander down to the umbrellas and sit in the chairs for awhile. Then maybe walk a while and look for sharks' teeth. Then sit under the umbrellas again and watch people. Then go up to the room for lunch. Then sit under the umbrellas and read and watch the comings and goings of others, the waves and what-not. Eat supper, go to bed, and do it all again the next day, with some small variations."
I'm telling you, it was WONDERFUL!!!
SO relaxing!

The list of who went:
Me (duh), Boyfriend, Bunny, Kitty, Kitty's boyfriend, Boyfriend's two sisters (P & D), P's son and his partner, and about Tuesday, Boyfriend's cousin came too. So, ten total. We used to go to the beach with MORE of Boyfriend's family, but now with his Dad having dementia and all, we doubt we'll all go again. Boyfriend's Mom had to stay home to take care of Boyfriend's Dad. And the Cousin's parents used to come too, but they didn't this time, for some reason I don't know.
We missed the four of them...

Sorry I don't have any pictures, but I'm home all by my lonesome, and the cameras are with the others, so...
Maybe next post...

We really didn't take any pictures this time, though.

But now I'm back home, so I can get
back to quilting!!!
Before we left I half-joked with Boyfriend about maybe I'd take my sewing machine. But he just looked at me with "that look". (You know the look I'm talking about... the one that says "You're Crazy")

So I didn't mention it again.

But if I could have taken my machine
and a power cord that reached to the umbrellas on the beach
I would have
been sewing at the ocean! =-)

Wandering off to sew now...


  1. Where did you go to the beach? I was boating out of the Beaufort inlet!

  2. I live not-too-far from Charlotte, and there's like this law or something that says when you go to "the beach" it means Myrtle Beach (SC)...
    I *love* Wilmington (and other NC beaches), but we go with family mostly every year to Myrtle.
    Besides, it takes a little longer to get to NC beaches from here than it takes to get to Myrtle from here. Weird I know, but...

  3. We went to Myrtle over spring break, it was fun!!! Thanks for the sweet words and for being a new follower!!!! :)

  4. Sounds like a perfect vacation to me...I am so in need of one, I could scream. Or lose my mind. Or go crazy.

    I think I have already done the last two...

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hey... how did Otin and Mango get her?? Kick them out!! LOL

    I would love a picture of you sewing a quilt on the beach. They should make cordless machines that you can charge up like an electric mower. Then you could mow at the beach, McDonalds playland, the local coffee shop, the mall food court, the doctors waiting room!!!!