Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day Three

Woke up in Wales, in a small town near Cardigan.

We had breakfast at the Cliff Hotel (where we spent the night) in Gwbert  before beginning our day of driving the countryside. 

I LOVE the Traditional English Breakfast!  It consists of 2 over-medium eggs, "grilled" tomatoes and mushrooms, bangers (sausage, but doesn't really taste like our breakfast sausage, and it's *bigger*), beans (basically like Pork-n-Beans but without the pork), "bacon"  (looks just like country ham, but tastes a little like bacon), and toast.  LOVE! 

Traditional English Breakfast (minus the beans)

The Wales countryside. 
You can barely see the windmills in the background on the top of the hills. 
There were lots  of windmills on hilltops in Wales.  Generating electricity.  Yay!

After breakfast, we packed up and drove south (mostly along the west coast) to a small town callled Carmarthen, Wales.  We were going there to meet up with K (another friend from the Wine Room on a semester study-abroad). 

She walked us to the castle in the heart of Carmarthen, and then we walked to a nice little fish-n-chips place for lunch.
It was wonderful to see her again! 

The Castle in Carmarthen, Wales.

The Y Gegin Cafe, famous for excellent fish-n-chips.

After lunch and a nice visit with K and her friend, we drove on, heading east toward England and out of Wales.

The bridge over the Severn River

"Welcome to England"
and in Welsh at the bottom

Since W is a golfer (it's almost like a religion for some!), we absolutely HAD to stop  at the Celtic Manor where the Ryder Cup was played just a month or so ago...

This was solely for W
It didn't really mean much to me, but it was a GORGEOUS place!

Next we "landed" in Bath.  It's the most beautiful city!  And it's a very old city, so there was a lot of history there.  Oh heck! Who am i kidding?!  All of England is old with LOADS of history EVERYWHERE!  I loved it!  And the architecture!

We stayed in an old B&B called the Villa Magdala.  It was beautiful.  Boyfriend and i had never stayed in a B&B anywhere before, so i think this one has spoiled us for B&Bs from now on.  I doubt any B&B anywhere can be as great as this one was...

The Villa Magdala in Bath, England (from the front)

The Villa Magdala in Bath (entry is on the side)

Our Room (en-suite)

Double bed in our room

The Breakfast Room at the Villa Magdala B&B

 Once we got settled into our rooms, we went strolling around the beautiful town of Bath.  We settled on supper at the Sally Lunn, the oldest recorded house in Bath.  It's a quaint little place with multiple floors and delicious food. 

The Sally Lunn House (Restaurant)

The Sally Lunn House, circa 1482

After supper, we took a leisurely stroll back through town to our B&B for a very restful night.

Join me again tomorrow for Day Four...

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