Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day Four: Bath, Lacock, Bourton-on-the-Water, Bath (again)

We drove our rental car from Bath, England to a small, old town called Lacock .  Beautiful little old town.  People actually LIVE in this town!  There are signs in most of the windows that say something about 'these really are houses and people really live here. Please do not disturb.' or something much nicer.

Lacock, England
The Red Lion Hotel on the left.
(W & C have stayed there before and highly recommend it.)

A barn built in the 1200s in Lacock.
Yep, you read that right!

An old church still in use in Lacock
(they were preparing for a service when we were walking around in it). 

Boyfriend (my husband) really likes this one.
It's an old gaol (jail).
Not even gonna ask what that says about him/us...

 After walking all around Lacock, we got back in the car and went to another quaint town in the Cotswolds area called Bourton-on-The-Water.  Another beautiful and old town.

This type of picture helps us remember where we were
when we're older and looking back on pix.

 There was a "Motor Museum" in Bourton-on-the-Water.  Very much worth the 4 pounds 10 pence admission price!  One man used to own most of what's in these seven or eight buildings!  He collected the cars, motorcycles, bicycles and other memorabilia for about 40 years, and he retired about 12 years ago and gave it to this organization.  If you're EVER in the area, give it a look!  You'll LOVE it too.

We  went to the Motor Museum.
Boyfriend LOVED it!  I thought it was really cool too.
Very worthwhile place to visit.

Just ONE of the MANY pix Boyfriend took in the museum.

 After driving and touring around, we went back to Bath for the evening.

Boyfriend and me in front of the Weir on the River Avon in Bath.

The Weir in front of Pultney Bridge, Bath, England

The Abbey in Bath, England

The Weir at Pultney Bridge on the River Avon on our stroll "home" in the evening.

Once again, it was another wonderful and beautiful day.  We had excellent weather and the sun even graced us with its presence off-and-on that day (October 17th).

Have i mentioned lately that i ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE ENGLAND!?!?!



  1. Well I'm glad I came here ! I so enjoyed your posts about England and Wales. To think you were only 45 minutes drive from me. My son lives here at the moment but works in Manchester. If I'd know you would be there I could have told you all the good places to go.Although it looks like you did quite a few of them on your own.

  2. I love the photos! That town looks so cute! The Abbey is gorgeous! That barn is unbelievable!