Thursday, November 4, 2010

We Interrupt This Program with a Very Special Announcement...

I'll get back to telling you about our trip to England tomorrow, but first i have to tell you why today is so special:

Today is my 27th wedding anniversary!!!

Boyfriend and i were married in some hotel in Charleston, SC 27 years ago.  I would show you pictures, but...

On the way to the park across from the Justice of the Peace's office, Boyfriend and i got in a terrible automobile accident in Georgetown, SC.  We plowed into the back of an 18-wheeler on a bridge on the highway, and we totalled Boyfriend's car.  Needless to say, we did not make it to our 2:00 "wedding" in the park.  Boyfriend called the Justice of the Peace  (JOP) from the hospital (while waiting for me to have x-rays), and the JOP said to "just let her know if we still wanted to do it later that evening since the paperwork was already filled out." 

So at about 7:00 that night, in our hotel room on I-26, the JOP married Boyfriend & me.  The 2 of us were all bruised up, and i had a broken thumb and 7 stitches in my leg, but we were determined to "do this thing!"

Boyfriend's Toyota Starlet on Nov 3rd, 1983

Boyfriend's  Toyota Starlet on Nov 4th, 1983

And here we are, twenty-seven years later!  We've kidded that since it was just Boyfriend and me and the JOP, maybe we weren't really *legally* married...   But it's certainly "by law" by now!  =-)

Yes, we've had our rough patches.  Every relationship does.
We lovingly refer to 1994 as "The Year of The Bitch"!  But thank you, Boyfriend, for holding on!  It just keeps getting better and better!!!

Thank you, Boyfriend, for being the BEST husband any girl could EVER ask for!!!

And may we have 27 MORE!


p.s. Do a little jig for my 100th Post!


  1. Hey - happy anniversary ya crazy kids!

    And congrats on your 100th post, too!

  2. suzwsouth@gmail.com11/17/10, 3:52 PM

    When are you going to return to the travel log? Hint, Hint! Oh, and happy really late anniversary! Love you!