Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Won! =-)

DeeRoo had a give-away a couple of weeks ago, and

I Won! 

I couldn't believe it!  But even more,

i could NOT BELIEVE what she SENT me!!!

A shot so you can see that there *was*  sun when my daughter (Bunny) started taking pictures, but it was movin' FAST!

I was sorta expecting the package in the mail, but when i saw it,
I squealed like a little girl!  =-)

It contained TWO mug rugs (like coasters, but large enough for your coffee mug *and* a cookie or muffin):

What i'm callin' the "front" 'cause i love it so!

What i think DeeRoo intended as the front, and they're BEAUTIFUL!

 She also sent a mini quilt (which is what the give-away was for), which is on my kitchen counter at the moment, but i may hang it on the wall:


And she has a pre-made label on the back! 
I want pre-made labels! [whine]


Dee also gave me a pattern to try out, and she sent along the *sweetest* note with my package! 

Pattern on the left and Love Note on the right.  =-)

And, as if all the above wasn't enough, Dee also sent me two batik fat quarters!  She said she felt such love and support from me when she started her blog, that she felt like i deserved all of this love...
I almost cried when i got this package in the mail...

Beautiful fabrics i'll make something with...

Thank you SO MUCH Dee!!! You're the BEST!

Here's everything together in one pic.  The sun was setting SOOO fast!  I had to continually move things as Bunny was taking the pix.  I wouldn't have believed it if i hadn't been there to see it myself!

Thank you Dee for having a give-away for your One Year Blogging Anniversary!
May you have many more GREAT years!


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  1. You made out like a bandit! Gorgeous stuff!