Tuesday, November 23, 2010

As Promised...

Finally... back to England!  =-) 

(I think i've figured out the problem with Blogger.  It works MUCH better if i upload the pictures FIRST.)

If you recall, we landed in Manchester, England; had supper with S & her friend; left the next morning (in a rental car) for Wales; rode north across the coast toward Rhyl, Colwyn Bay, Llandudno, and around the Great Orme.  Then we rode south toward Betws-y-Coed, Dolgellau, and Aberystwyth, all the way to Cardigan.  We spent the night in a hotel in a small town called Gwbert, and left the next day for Carmarthen where we met up with K & her friend, and took them to lunch.  Then we went to Newport, Wales (Ryder Cup was there), and on to Bath, England.  We spent the night in Bath and went to the old town of Lacock, followed by Bourton-on-the-Water.  We spent the night in Bath again...  And now you're "caught up"!  =-)

The fifth day began with a typical English breakfast for me.  (I LOVED it!  I know lots of people talk about how bad and/or bland the food is in England, but i never had anything there that i didn't like, and i tried some of the "traditional" stuff.)

Traditional English breakfast, minus the beans.

After breakfast, we walked into town to tour the Roman baths in Bath (thus the name!).

The main Roman bath, looking down from the present street level.

Boyfriend & me below the present street level, touring the Baths.

I won't bore you with ALLL the pictures we took.  =-)
After touring the Baths, we took the Mayor's Tour of Bath, England.  If you ever go, SERIOUSLY take this tour!  It's very informative, and it's 
FREE!  =-)  Free is always good!  

Street sign near the start of our Mayor's Tour.  Boyfriend & i liked it...

The Royal Crescent in Bath, England.  Google it sometime.  You'll be amazed...

Circus in Bath, England.  It's thus called because the four buildings make a circle.
Sorry, i don't really have a better picture of it.  Google this one too!  =-)

After our Mayor's Tour of Bath, and after we had a bite for lunch, we went to...

Yes!  Stonehenge!
There was a slight problem with visiting Stonehenge, though...
I WAS FREEZIN'!!!  The temp was in the 40s, and the wind was *whippin'* across all those open pastures around Stonehenge.
You see, Stonehenge is in the middle of *nowhere*, with *nothing* around it except for some military camps (bases).  We could hear them shooting their cannons and what-not, but still...

It was Beautiful and Majestic, and i *loved* it!
I  think i could have stood there and "felt" it better if i wasn't freezin' my ass off, but if i ever get the chance to go back, you better believe i'll go back to Stonehenge as well!
Talk about History!

We took *TONS* of pictures of Stonehenge, but i'll only show you a *few*... unless you simply beg me to show more.  =-)

Boyfriend and me in front of Stonehenge.
It's not tiny, but it's not as big as i thought it was from the t.v. shows i've seen...
But i'm NOT complaining!
It was Magnificent!

Sorry about the "Do Not Enter" sign, but they were everywhere.
So much so that Boyfriend didn't even notice it was in the pic until i pointed it out to him...
at HOME!  =-)

A shot from far away.
There's a walk all the way around it so you can see it 360.

After oohing and aahing (and freezing my buns off!), we turned in the rental car at Gatwick Airport, and rode the train in to Victoria Station.

Boyfriend & me on the train into London.
We were excited, and getting a bit tired...

The Victoria Station in London.
We had to find the correct Tube to get to our hotel.
No problem though!  There was a  Tube station right around the corner from our hotel!  Yay!

We stayed at the Copthorne Tara International Hotel near the High Street/Kensington Tube station.

The view of London from our hotel window.
If i had pointed a *little* more to the left, you would have been able to see
the London Eye in the distance.

Once we got settled into our rooms, Boyfriend, W, C and I went out in search of a pub for supper.
We didn't have far to look!  (Thank goodness.)
We got supper and a pint (or two...) at a pub called The Prince of Wales.
We thought it was fitting, since we'd just been in Wales a couple of days before, and we loved it so.
Good pub! 

W took a picture of *every* pub we ate/drank in!
Trust me, that's a lot of pubs.  =-)

A good end to a VERY good day!

I SWEAR i'll try to post sooner than the previous "incidents"! 


  1. Cool - wanna see Stonehenge, Avebury, and the Holme Timber Circle when we go back!

  2. I am STARVING & that breakfast looks DELICIOUS, as does the Guiness! Stonehenge? Can I come visit????

    xo, Mango

  3. Delicious looking breakfast!!! FABULOUS looking pint ~ AND, Stonehenge??? A dream! Can I come visit????

    xo, Mango