Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day Six

Ummm...  If i'd known it was gonna take me so frikkin' long to write about my trip, i wouldda saved you the bother and just told you to GO to England yourself and save you the time!  =-)

Anyway, this was our first full day in London, and Oh My God! I LOVED it!!!
After breakfast, we got on the Tube and rode (somewhere) to a place to catch "The Original Bus Tour" to see the sights.  (It was a red double-decker bus where the top was only 1/3 covered.  We rode on top, of course!  I would definitely recommend this tour.  Very informative.  And you can hop off and on all day, if you find something you wanna see up-close.  Or you can just ride around ALLL day if you want.)

Lots of the stuff we did was because it was in Rick Steves book, and i HIGHLY recommend his books.  Our neighbors, W & C (who went with us to England) travel allllllll over the place, and they ALWAYS use his books, no matter where they're going.  They say he's NEVER steered them wrong.

So here are a few random pix from our double-decker tour:

I loved the architecture and the history everywhere. 
London is crowded but beautiful.

I liked this building.  The tour guide said we could tour it, and we could climb the hundreds of steps to get up to the top to look down from the very tip-top
... but we didn't do it.

Boyfriend liked this building.

I like the mix of the old and the new.
That's the Tower of London on the right
and the water is the Thames (pronounced tims).

A one-way street.

Flags of the different cities or districts or something...
Sorry. I wasn't really paying attention 'cause i was too busy staring at EVERYTHING!  =-)

That's Eros at the top of the fountain. 
This is where we got off the bus.  We needed lunch.

After the bus tour, we went to a pub called Punch and Judy's for lunch.
Then we walked to Trafalgar Square.

Trafalgar Square

The National Gallery
(we didn't go in, but we wanted to...
too much to do and see so we had to pick-n-choose.)

Not sure what the story was with this ship in a HUGE bottle, but we thought it was really cool.  See the pigeons? They're there for scale for you.

After Trafalgar Square, we walked around some more.
Next we went by the Horse Guard.  I wanted to see them go through their "changing of the guard" or whatever, but the others didn't really wanna wait for it...

The Royal Horse Guard

So we walked on.  Next we came upon 10 Downing Street where the Prime Minister lives.  Wow! Talk about security!

10 Downing Street
(It's the little black building on the right between the guard and me.  You can barely see it.  Heck, *I* could barely see it, and i was THERE!)

We walked a bit more and found the Churchill Museum and the War Rooms.  Fascinating!  (Even though i didn't really wanna go.)  Boyfriend LOVED it!

Just down the street from 10 Downing is these buildings
and at the end of the building on the left is
the Churchill Museum and The War Rooms.

Churchill was Prime Minister after the war, and when he left, he got to take the door with him, so
this is the door from 10 Downing Street from Churchill's stay there.
(And that's Boyfriend with that big grin on his face.)

After that looong day of lots of walking, we ended the day with supper at a pub, and then a drink (or two) at the bar at our hotel.

Boyfriend, me, C and  W
having a fitting end to another wonderful day in England

So that's the story for the 6th day.
Hopefully it won't take me so long to get back to you on the continuation of the tales of our trip.

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  1. I envy people who go over seas. I don't fly, or have the time or money.