Thursday, June 9, 2011

NYC Baby, Part III

Saturday, April 28th, 2011
This day, we started out by once again grabbing a bite of breakfast from the deli on the corner.  =-)
Then we met with a "native New Yorker" from an organization called
The Big Apple Greeters

If you've never heard of them, and you're planning on going to NYC (or you  live there!), then you really should check this out!
The Big Apple Greeters is a non-profit organization that uses volunteers who live in New York, and have them "escort" you around the city for a few hours.  They *used* to provide you with subway "Metro Cards"  for the day, but they really don't make enough money to do that anymore, but, really, you can afford one for yourself.  It's a *great* way to get around the city quickly.  =-)

Anyway, we told our native Greeter, Richard, that we wanted to go see China Town, and he wanted us to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, so we hopped on the subway and headed out.  Then we walked and walked and walked some more.  But Richard was full of knowledge about New York's history and other stuff.  He was very friendly and agreeable.  It was a good time while we wound our way to the Brooklyn Bridge, and we walked from Brooklyn back into Manhattan.  (We stayed in Manhattan the entire time, except this tiny little foray into Brooklyn to get to the start of the bridge.)

Suzanne, Kitty and me at the start of the Brooklyn Bridge
{HOW could i not think about sunscreen YET AGAIN?!?!}

They were working on the bridge, so we didn't really get a good picture of
The Statue of Liberty.

Then Richard, our Big Apple Greeter, showed us the way to China Town.

I forget what street this was, but here's
China Town!  =-)
See the signs in Chinese?
It was awesome.
It was slower and quieter than the other parts of Manhattan where we'd been.
We bought some *awesome* cherries from a vendor.
But we didn't think to take any pics of the roasted pigs and ducks layed out.

This was a nice Chinese-style building...
If you look closely, you'll see there's a Starbucks "even in China Town".

 And this is the closest we got to The Statue of Liberty...
The irony is... I think this was a Man!
Everybody has a gimmick to make money.

After walking and walking and walking alllllll day (did i mention we walked a lot?), we went dragging back to our apartment.
We got showers and stuff.
And my sister took pictures of my bruises from the Trapeze School because they just kept getting darker and darker.

My bruised legs the next day from
Trapeze School

This leg was way worse than the other one 

I wish I had pictures of it each day as it got worse and worse.
It's *finally* getting better now... after almost TWO weeks!

My arm got hurt too, as i was flipping off of the net the first time. 

Here are pictures of our apartment.
We stayed on 9th Ave between 48th & 49th Streets.
It was awesome!
And way cheaper than a hotel! 

Here's the dining room.
Notice the 20 year old on the computer.
She was posting pics to FaceBook. 

Here's the dining room/living room
and the front door is to the left.
The "couch" is really a futon, and that's where Suzanne slept.
This was a vacation-rental-by-owner type of place.

Here's the bedroom.  One double and one single bed.

We went to Dangerfield's (as in "Rodney")
for the comedy show.
It was pretty good.  Kitty really enjoyed it.  Yay!

The other days, we walked a lot (big surprise, i know), and we went shopping on Canal Street, and we went to the Museum of Sex.  Kitty *really* enjoyed that!  She took tons of pictures in there!  I may post some of those pictures if *anybody* requests 'em.  =-)

Okay!  That's it for now!  It was a GREAT vacation (Thank you Suzi!!!)!  If you have any questions about where we stayed or anything, just comment me  and i'll do my best to answer you.  =-)

Take  Care!!!

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