Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Really Surprised Myself Today...

So, this lazy Sunday morning, i went back to Connie's FEARLESS painting site and watched the second video, "Balance".

She told me to think about Balance.  Inner Balance.
So i started thinking.

I think i'm a fairly balanced person.
I have a pretty peaceful life.
I'm fairly balanced physically, mentally, emotionally.
(This, of course, is only MY opinion...)  =-)

So then i started thinking, "Okay, so what do i think of when i think of someone with Inner Balance?"

I think of a woman with a Fire in her Belly.
I think of someone with a BIG Heart.
I think of someone who tries to use her Third Eye (Inner Sight).

So then i started painting.
(Sorry, but i didn't take Process pictures.  I was too in the Zone!)

First i painted the Belly.
Then i painted the Heart.
Then i painted the outlines of the Head, the neck, shoulders, arms, and then the Body.

I am SO TICKLED with the outcome that i am almost in TEARS!
Have a look for yourself:

It took me about FIVE HOURS to do this!
When i told Kitty that, she said something like, "What the hell?!  Why?!?"
I'm sure it took so long because of the *way* i did it; first the belly, then the heart, then the body outline, then filling in the body color, then the black outline of the boobs and body, then the hair, and i did the background last, so it took a long time.
But i'm THRILLED with it!!!

Which is kinda funny, 'cause Connie says it's not about the *picture*, but about doing the painting without worrying about the outcome.  To paint like a 5-year old.  =-)  I like that. 
You know how a 5 year old will make a picture at school, and then run home with it to show it to Mom or Dad, and then leave the picture with Mom or Dad and just run to something else?  That's how we should approach our painting (the Verb) with Connie's "course".

I'll be back...



  1. It's beautiful. The painter AND the painting...

  2. Hi Wendy! I am also doing Total Alignment and like you, had thought of doing pictures of the process but I was just too into what I was creating. I LOVE your painting!!! Isn't Connie's process the most amazing! Glad to have found your blog through Connie's post this weekend. Enjoy creating!