Friday, August 19, 2011

And I Did It Again!

A few weeks ago, i was "piddling" in my notebook, and i cut strips of pages of a magazine, and glued them side-by-side into my notebook.   I didn't know what i was going to do with it after that, so i just let it "sit" and ruminate/marinate.

Yesterday, i was watching Connie again, and i decided to go back into my kitchen and see what would "speak" to me in my notebooks and paints...

Well, here's what i did:

First i gesso-ed my pages (a white sort-of-watery paint).
Then i pulled my metallic purple paint and made the heart.
Then i added the back.
Then i suddenly wanted RED.
I had originally thought i'd add some white on top of the black, but the redpulled me too hard first, so i went with it.

Again, i felt REALLY GOOD while i was doing this!
I felt "free".
I felt young.
I felt somehow Empowered.

I was playing a classic Rock station too, so i was Rockin' OUT!
But yesterday was a VERY GOOD DAY for me! 


And i was having so much fun that i didn't want to stop, so the metallic gold caught my eye and i started the next page:

First i painted the gold heart, and then the black, and then i added the white.
I thought i was finished, but then the metallic green "called" me and i added the swirls in the corners.
Then i pronounced it "Done".
And i was STILL so HAPPY and feelin' GREAT!

It was a wonderful day!

And that's the double-page spread, though i really consider them two different pictures, kinda like the one from the day before.

Do i consider myself a painter?
But am i happy while painting?

Thank You Connie!

And No i haven't forgotten the rest of the pix from the Keys!  I'll get 'em up...

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