Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Latest Thrill (Which Surprised Me)

I  know i need to get some more pictures up from our trip to the Keys and finish telling you about that, but first i just have to let you know about something i've found.  I belong to a group called "Wild Precious", which is really cool all by itself, but i got an e-mail from Effy (she's the one who started "Wild Precious") and she linked to this site, Dirty Footprints Studio.
First, allow me to tell you emphatically that i've never been a painter.
I've never really considered myself to be a very creative or artistic person, but i've certainly never really tried to paint (other than "messin' around" with mixed media "journals").
But this lady!
This lady makes me feel like i can paint!
Actually, after watching the firsts video yesterday, i went in my kitchen and started "messin' around" with some paint in a couple of my journals, and then!
Then, today after yoga, i watched another of her videos and i got out some colors that "spoke to me", and i made this:

Let me first say  i am not a painter!
But This Lady!
This lady made me feel like i CAN go for it!
And while i was "going for it", FEARLESSly, i might add  =-)
While i was painting, i felt Fabulous!!!

And it doesn't really matter what the painting (the noun) looks like.
What truly matters is how i feel doing the painting (the verb)!

Anyway, since so many colors "spoke to me" while i was looking in my paint tube drawer, i had to do another one.  =-)

I had absolutely NO pre-conceived notions a bout what this one was going to look like when i started it.  It was just important that i use different blues.  The waters from my trip to the Keys is still on my mind...
Anyway, i'm fine with the outcome.
I'm not a Painter, and i'm totally okay with that.
I like what came out of my hands and my heart.  =-)

I painted them in one of my "art journals".
Seriously?  I really don't know what to call these "bound mixed-media paper" things...  I seriously hesitate calling them journals, because to me, a  journal is something in which you write your words about how you feel and what you do and what's happening in your life.  So to me, this really isn't "A Journal".
But then, i don't know what to call it.  I use the word "journal" because i forget to simpy call it a notebook, and i don't know what to call it.

There's that.  =-)
Love it.  Hate it.  Whatever.
It makes me feel GOOD!  =-)

I'll be back "shortly" (whatever that means in my little World) to add the rest of our Keys trip pictures. 

Sending you Light and Love and Good Feelings.

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!!!!! Maybe you could succumb and simply call it a portfolio ;) Suz