Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Eighth Painting

Okay, so *this* one was really fun!

Like i told you, the first paintings Connie told us to do were 
Scribble (just paint with scribbles)
Line  (just paint with lines & color)
Shape  (just paint shapes, like circles, triangles, etc)

Then, Connie told us to "Paint like a 5 year old!"
Now, what she meant wasn't to paint what you would paint if you were 5, but to paint with the *process* that a 5 year old uses;
just paint, not worrying about precision or proportion or any Art School worries.  
Just paint.
Just do it, show someone you love, and then
Drop it!
It's done.  Don't worry about it.  Don't question it.  Don't point out your mistakes.  Heck, there *are* no mistakes!
A 5 year old gets a piece of paper, some paint & a brush
puts a picture on the paper
takes it home & shows it to Mom
and then
hops away, on to something else!

That's the kind of attitude Connie wanted us to paint with.

And I LIKED IT!   =-)

Well, let me show it to you:

Isn't it cute?!
And whimsical!
I had fun doing it, too.  I really love painting, and it surprises me every time! I didn't know i would love painting so much!  =-)

I've never considered myself an Artist, but i'm beginning to think i just may be...


'Til tomorrow.

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