Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Second Painting

So here's the second painting i did with Connie's course, BIG:

I can't even begin to tell you how good i felt while i was painting this.
And i've had this experience almost *every* time i've painted.

Connie tells us to "let go" and to go with the flow.
She also tells us of ways to forget about our "Inner Gremlin", our "Fear Gremlin", our Inner Critic.  (Different people call "it" different things.)

But this one was Free-ing.
This one felt good.
And then i was getting mad while i was doing it.
But Connie had warned us about the emotions that would come up, so i knew it was okay, and i immediately went to my journal and wrote about what i was feeling.  
It helped.
It felt good to be delving into all that was coming up.

Once again, Painting felt Good.

I'll be back soon about my next painting.

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