Monday, November 14, 2011

First Painting

I know it's been a looong time since i last posted...
And lots has been going on over here...
But i thought i should at least *try* to catch you up.  =-)

So, i went to this website and 


And since then, i've been 

Keep in mind that i am NOT a painter.
I don't really even consider myself an Artist...  but...

But Connie has convinced me that i don't *need* to be.
Or that i already am.
Or whatever.
It doesn't matter!
It doesn't matter if i consider myself an Artist, or if i *am* an Artist.
What matters is that i Paint.

And i have found that when i Paint


So i've spent the past 5 weeks in a painting course with Connie
and i've been painting.


It feels so good when i paint.
I don't think about anything but the feel of painting (the Verb).

Here is the first painting i did in Connie's course "BIG":

I was  supposed to just "scribble".
And i did!
But it became *more* than just scribbling.  And since i watched all of Connie's videos for the week, i knew that it was okay if it turned into more than just "scribbling".  
So i went with it.
And it felt so good.

As Connie suggested, i also journaled along with my painting, but i'll not bore you with that right now.

Just suffice to say that once you put yourself in Connie's confident and loving hands, you will be able to paint something.

I am SO enjoying this journey with her.
And you would too.

I'll post more of what i've been painting.
I'll try to be back tomorrow.

Just Paint Something!

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