Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Twelfth Painting

Well, to be fair, this isn't really a "Painting".
Connie wanted us to "art" every day this week...
This is in my... Notebook.  Some people call it a "journal"... Some call it a Scrapbook...  Some call it a Doodle book...  Different people call it different things, but i'm most comfortable simply calling it my Art Notebook.
...Honestly?  I'm not comfortable calling it *any*thing!  But Notebook will do.  =-)

Anyway, here's my Monday morning Art;  i used 
Acrylic paints and

This picture should be turned sideways so the leafy picture is on the left, but...  I don't know what happened here.  I *still* don't have a great grasp of Blogger.  Sorry.
Anyway, i did the "top" page with three stencils, and the "bottom" page was my "cast-off" paint - the place i used to sort of "dry" my brush off before i painted on the stencil page.  I didn't want to "waste" all that paint, so i just put it on the facing page...
Here you go:

Nothing great, but it felt good doing it.  =-)
I seem to really be into red, orange & yellow lately...

And i'm *always* into Blues!  =-)

See you tomorrow!

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  1. I just have to tell you that I am really enjoying your art projects. They are unique and very pretty!