Monday, November 28, 2011

Eleventh Painting

For the painting this week, Connie told us to look back at all of our other Paintings and simply be curious about them.  
To spread them out and look at them and ask questions like:
What color(s) did i use a lot?
What symbol(s) or theme(s) seem to show up a lot?
How did i feel while i was making each Painting?
How do all of the Paintings seem to relate to each other?

She didn't want us to ask "why" this or that came up.
She didn't want us to analyze how we could have done a "better job".
She didn't want us to critique our Paintings, nor to worry about proportion or any Art School type of categories.
She just wanted us to be curious about all our previous Paintings, and to be open-minded about our next one.

So i went to my Studio with NO pre-conceived notion of what i would paint.
I did go to my paper with the idea that i had used a lot of green and orange in my previous paintings, so i wanted to explore that a bit.

What came out sort of surprised me, since i started with NO picture in my head, and no idea where i would start or where i would go next.

Well, let me show you my Painting:

There's a lot i don't know about it, but there are certain things i do know.
For instance, i have figured out that the Girl is me.
The orange & black things on the top right side are Adults talking to me, dictating things to me.
I'm not sure what all the dots on the top left are.
I also don't know why i'm all "zipped up".  I  think it has something to do with not voicing my opinion for many years while growing up.
I'm not sure why my heart is black... and why it's broken.  (You probably can't tell it from the photo, but it's broken in half.)
I also don't understand why my 1st Chakra is so dark.  (The 1st Chakra is low in the groin.)

I'm not really concerned with all those "Unknowns" above.
I'm fairly certain i'll be standing across the room from this Painting in a number of days, months, years, and suddenly have some deep understanding... some deep "knowing".  I'm not really concerned with it right now.
But i like this Painting.  =-)
I  also like that my family likes it too.  Or at least, they *tell* me they like it.  =-)  And Bunny noticed something i had already noticed: she said it looks like a Nesting Doll to her.  I like that too.

This has been a wonderful process, this painting from the Heart-thing.
I plan on getting a couple of books that Connie recommended and doing more.
Because i've discovered that 

I hope you find something that ignites your Fire like i have.  =-)

'Til tomorrow!

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