Friday, November 25, 2011

Tenth Painting

So i've been taking a 6-week painting course on-line with Connie, and i'm having such a BLAST!

Connie told us to paint a memory, and my first memory painting was a bit of a downer.

So i decided to paint something happy.

In the car, i could think of *tons* of happy memories i could paint...

I thought *surely* i could find a happy memory to paint...



Easier said than done, i guess.

When i got in front of my big white paper, the only memory that would come up was *another* bad one.

There's a looong story behind this one, but i'll try to give you the condensed version...
I skipped high school one day, got drunk, woke up to my oldest brother fussing at me about how i was being awful to our Mom.
This painting is my view while walking away from him, toward my car up the steps.
He was fussing at me hard, and i yelled back, "Shut up!  You don't even know!!!"  I don't exactly remember what happened after i got in my car, but this painting wanted to come out.

So i let it.
That's kinda what Connie's course is about: letting out what needs to come out; letting the painting speak to you... and LISTENING; letting happen what needs to happen (sort of like in Yoga class).

It's about Painting (the verb), the *Process*, not about The Painting (the noun).
And i still LOVE painting!

Hope i haven't brought you down today with this.
That is NOT my intent!
Just sharing my life and what i'm doing with my Art.

Won't you share yours too?

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!
See you Monday.


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