Friday, December 2, 2011

Fourteenth Painting

I decided to post my results here.

Okay, so once again it's a picture from my Notebook.
Connie wanted us to do a Contour Painting of ourselves...

A Contour Painting is when you simply paint the outline or the edges of your subject.  For this, i had to look in the mirror, then at my paper; mirror, paper, mirror, paper.  You get the idea.

This is what i "came up with".  =-)

Not really too happy with the results, but that's not the point.
I think this exercise was to help us get an idea that faces aren't really as difficult to do as we might think.  To help us stop avoiding trying to paint faces.   To let us know that our faces may not come out like we would like, but that it's okay.  It's not like it's Brain Surgery!  It's okay, however it comes out.  =-)

So anyway.
I painted it some funky colors 'cause i wanted to let myself know that it's okay to have fun with it.
Boyfriend looked at it and said, "You look a lot better than that..."   =-)
I thought that was *HILARIOUS*!
I told him it doesn't matter.
What matters is that i *did* it!  =-)

I hope you have a MARVELOUS weekend!
See you Monday!

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