Wednesday, December 14, 2011

No New Painting

Sorry.  No picture today.
I guess i could use one of Bunny's photos, but...  
I dunno.  We'll see.  =-)

Anyway, i mentioned in a post the other day something about getting an idea while i was in Yoga class.
Actually, that has happened a number of times for me.
I'm not sure what it is, exactly, but sometimes i'll have a problem or some situation will be buggin' me, and while i'm in Yoga, 
that problem will become clear; 
a solution for the situation will suddenly appear in my head.

And that's really nice.  
And comforting.

It's happened when i was working on a quilt and got "stuck" in a place of "i don't know what to do now" or "i don't know how to do this next step", 
and then,
in class,
when i wasn't even thinking about my quilt,
BAM!  There it is.  There's how to work out my sewing problem.

And while working on that Beaded Cuff that i still haven't finished (just sayin'!), i've had technical issues that have finally been resolved while in Yoga class.

And when i was feelin' sooo bad about Kitty, and not knowin' what to do for her, during one class a really good idea occurred to me that i will be able to do to help others in the future, since Kitty doesn't want to try it for herself.

And that time, a few months ago, when i was falling into an old deep, dark place...
I forced myself to get up out of bed anyway.
I forced myself to drive to class anyway.
I forced myself to get out of the truck and go into the Studio anyway.
But do't let me mislead you.  Yoga didn't miraculously make me feel Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed, but it DID help me begin to feel better.  And one lady noticed how badly i was feeling, and she stood there and hugged me.  
Even though i told her i didn't want a hug.
But it helped.  =-)
(And i didn't break down crying like i thought i would.)  =-)

So Yoga class is good for me in many ways!  It's good physically, but it's also good mentally and spiritually.  It's just good all around!

I love it!!!

What helps you figure out how to work out something?  Or what helps you feel better?

(I know you're showing up to look.  I have a Counter on here.  Why not leave a little comment?  Even if it's to tell me that this post is Lame.)  =-)

And, since this post seems to be about Sunshine breaking through the clouds:

I hope you have a SUPER Wonderful Day!!!

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