Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nineteenth Painting

I started this online course with Connie thinking i couldn't paint... 

Well, that's not totally true.  After doing the free "Total Alignment" course, i *thought* i *might* be able to paint a *little*...  if i *really* tried.   =-)

But i discovered it doesn't really matter if i *can* paint or *not*


I love the way i *feel*  when i paint!
And Connie taught me that it's not about the end-product anyway, but about the verb, the actual act of painting.


The fact that i typically like the end product is just BONUS.
Sprinkles on my Cupcake.
A "nice bedtime story & warm glass of milk at the end of a beautiful day" plus.

I can't believe i actually LOVE to Paint!

And so, i thought i'd share my "last" BIG painting with you.

I woke up one morning with the idea that i had to paint a Honu.  
("Honu" is Hawaiian for Sea Turtle)
So after my Yoga class, and after giving my Dad *his* Yoga class, i got my paints out and painted a fairly decent Honu.

... then i didn't know what to do.

So i left it hanging there.

But the next day, in my Yoga class, i suddenly realized that the painting wasn't about the Honu.

It was alllll about the Water!

So i worked on it a couple of days, and here it is, all 34" x 42" of it:

(not quite finished, but almost; photo taken inside)

(completed Painting; photo taken outside) 

I love it!
(Matter of fact, it's hanging in my "studio"; i have an entire room set up for my Art-making and Yoga.  "Thank you SO MUCH Boyfriend!!")

I think it's funny how my Paintings never end up being like the original picture in my head, but i've discovered

That's Okay!  =-)

I guess that's to be expected when you're listening to... the Painting... Creative Source... my Inner Muse, what-have-you.  
Just let it Flow.

Thank you so much Connie!
This has been SUPER!

I've discovered that i LOVE to paint, and it makes me feel SO GOOD inside!
I plan to continue, since it's so good for me.  =-)
It makes my day Better.
It makes me Happy.
It makes me "More Complete".

...it's just shocking that i never discovered this before.  
I'm 48 years old, for goodness' sake, and i'm JUST NOW discovering this?!
That's okay, though.

At least Connie helped me get here.  
Now it's up to me to continue it.

I hope you're having a WONDERFUL day!!!
Life's too short to be having a bad day.

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