Monday, December 12, 2011

Eighteenth Painting

I disappeared for a bit there.
Sorry 'bout that!
I got caught up in some other stuff and didn't have time to blog.

So!  Here we are, back to our "regular program".  =-)

I've been writing about an online painting course i took with Connie, called BIG Fearless Painting.

Did i already tell you how much i loved it?!
'Cause i CERTAINLY Loved it!!!  =-)

I still love painting, but truth be told, i haven't really painted since the course ended... 

Sad, but true.

But that's NOT 'cause i don't like painting!

...i'm just not too sure of what to paint, and i haven't done one vital thing: i haven't MADE time each day to paint.
I've been doodling in my Notebook, so that's good.  =-)
But i'm not standing up and painting BIG, so that's not too good...

I HAVE ordered one of the art books that Connie recommended, and it should be here in a day or two, so THAT'S good.  =-)

Anyway, i came here to tell you about my 18th Painting.

Okay, for this exercise, Connie told us to think about
"What does it feel like to be me?"

... ummm...


This exercise had me stymied.
...what does it feel like to be me...?!

I have no idea what it "feels like" to be me!  I've always *been* me, so i don't know how it feels to be anybody else!  What do you mean, "what does it feel like to be me!?!"

But after i let that settle in for awhile, i started thinking.
...Well, it's kinda...
...I'm kinda dreamy...
...and floaty...
...and swimmy...

I didn't really have a "pre-conceived" idea when i started this one.  But with "dreamy" and "floaty", I just got out a *bunch* of blue paints, and i began.

Then it needed orange...
and yellow...
and then some !Raspberry!  I'm lovin' Raspberry lately!  =-)

Sorry but i had to resort to taking the pictures inside, where the lighting for a camera isn't really great. 
In the meantime, here's the best photo i have.
I think this Painting is fairly juvenile, but it's what came out.
I just "painted with the Flow".   =-)

This is a preliminary photo of the Painting "in process":

And here's a shot of it, *almost* completed:

... um, i don't think i have a "final" shot...

Crap!!!  I thought i had a finished shot, but i don't!  I looked all over my 'puter, but i never took one!  I guess i didn't take it because i was gonna wait for a Sunny day, but then, when the Sun finally decided to shine,  i'd moved on to other things and forgot!

I'm sorry.  I honestly don't know if i'll *ever* get a "final shot".  Just sayin'.
I added some white highlights, is all.

The full title is
"Floaty, Dreamy, Swimmy
Usually Good, Sometimes Sad"

Because i'm typically never "just one thing"; i vascillate.
Today i like something, and tomorrow i'm not really fond of it.
Today i want something, and tomorrow i'm not interested.
Today i feel good, and tomorrow i'm depressed.

(Though lately, with all the painting i've been doing, i've been feeling GREAT! =-) )

I hope YOU've been feeling great too!  =-)
I apologize again for being absent for a couple of days.
Shit happens, ya know.
Hopefully i'll keep up now.  


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  1. I love the flow of this, and the honesty! I have to congratulate you for being brave in showing your work - I think that is a big step. Like a writer who shares their written word. I've been enjoying viewing your work!