Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 29th

So, i haven't blogged about these yet...

In the quilting world, there are these little things called
Mug Rugs.
They are supposed to be like cloth coasters for your coffee/tea mug (or whatever drink you prefer), but just a little bit bigger so you have a place to put your cookie (or biscotti or whatever).
Well, i had these squares i put together one day with some extra fabric i had around the house... and i was trying to just "wing it" to make "something" for a possible new quilt... but then when i saw the fabrics together, i was really disappointed 'cause nothing "went together"!
I almost threw the squares in the trash, but then!  In wandering around on the web, i came across the Mug Rugs and decided i could just embroider something cute in the center of these, put a backing on them, and

...only... Honestly?  They're really too big to be Mug Rugs...
And they're a little too small to be pot holders (and not thick enough, either, really)...
But i keep them on my dining room table, and Boyfriend and i use them occasionally as "something" between a hot dinner plate & our hands.  =-)

Besides, they're cute and they make me smile.   =-)

I got this embroidery pattern from
(with permission, for personal use only)
(click on the picture to "biggify")

I think it's SO adorable!

Close up

The elephant is embroidereded on first, 
and then i put the backing fabric on & quilted it

This sun is from Kelly King of
{though i can't find her online now...   Anyone?)
(with permission, for personal use)
(Sorry it's a fuzzy picture... i didn't have my reading glasses on)

close up

 Back of the Sun
Again, i embroidered first,
then put on the backing fabric & quilted it

Can't remember where i got this embroidery pattern from...

The back of the Snowman
(Sorry, but it's sideways... not sure why; 
my original pic i downloaded isn't sideways!)
Again, first embroidered
then quilted the backing on

Close up of the Snowman
(Again not sure why it came out sideways!
Sometimes Blogger mystifies me...)

So now i've FINALLY blogged about these!  Yay!  =-)
I made them about SIX MONTHS AGO!!!
(sometimes i am just sooo NOT in the mood to blog...)

Hope you're having a Grand Day!


  1. These are adorable! Now make 25 of each, and you can set up a booth at a craft show!

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