Sunday, September 9, 2012


Sorry i haven't posted sooner, but i haven't really felt like "talking".  I haven't been depressed, though; just quiet.  

My Full Blue Moon Gathering on the 31st went well.

I invited 13 people, and believe it or not, 13 came.
*Not* the same 13 i originally invited, but whatever.  Semantics, i guess.

I was happy with it.
I didn't, however, get any pictures.
I wish i had thought of it, but i was too busy trying to socialize with everyone.  =-)
Plus, i don't think many would have wanted me &/or Boyfriend roaming around snapping pics of everyone.

And the Moon was gorgeous that night!  
It was only partly cloudy that night - just enough to be romantic - and i loved glancing up throughout the evening, and seeing where she had floated to along the sky.

It was a beautiful night, and a very nice party.
It was also nice for me to (finally) reach out to others.
And i discovered that i can reach out to others, and not be smacked on the hand while doing so.
Sure, there were people who didn't RSVP.  But that's okay.  I tried not to take it personally.  Stuff happens.
And i also had to have a little talk with myself that, despite my truth that i'd like for everyone to like me,
everyone doesn't *have to*.  And i don't need to stress over that.

But i'm thinking i may or may not have a gathering for the next full moon.
Haven't decided yet.
I think i'll wait 'til it gets a little closer.  Or maybe i'll just wait 'til October to "worry" about it.  =-)
Or maybe i'm just Miss Scarlett.   HAhaha!  =-)

So here's a picture i'll leave you with;
it's my Beautiful and Awesome daughters with me in our backyard.
It wasn't taken that night, but it was taken not too long ago, so i thought i'd include it.
It was a happy evening.

I hope you have a Wonderful Week.
Or at least you can find a Moment that was Wonderful to be thankful for.


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  1. The bottom line is that you had fun, you partied, and the full moon watched over all of you!