Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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Today, i *finally* feel like i taught a Good Class for my Slow Flow class at the Studio.  =-)

The first time i taught this Slow Flow class (Sept 4th), it was as if i was standing beside myself, watching myself and thinking "What the HECK are you DOING?!", but i was powerless to stop myself!  

I didn't give a Slow Flow class, but a fast Vinyasa class (flowing & moving with the breath, fast, with sweating involved) with tons of Downward Facing Dogs in it!  
I *knew* i was f*ckin' up, but i couldn't stop myself!  
I had six people in that class, and most of them typically take Vinyasa-type classes (i.e. more difficult than Slow Flow), so i guess i kinda got a little freaked out by that, and my brain couldn't handle trying to give them Slow Flow when i honestly felt they were there for "Hard & Fast".  
Plus, i had a *ton* of Downward Facing Dogs in it, and i'm *tryin'* to gear this class toward seniors, people recovering from surgery and/or injury, people wanting to become more flexible (like athletes; runners, weight lifters, ball players, golfers, etc), and those wanting a slower pace.  
Down Dog is honestly *not* "the most comfortable" pose.  It's a difficult posture for *lots* of folk.

So the second week, i slowed it down, but it still wasn't what i was supposed to be teaching...  But it was easier for me because i only had one student, and she's a yoga instructor, so i at least was able to be calmer, and to stop when i needed to without me worrying about what she was thinking about me.  (I'm comfortable with Kat, and not intimidated by her.)
And, Bonus, after class i had her give me an honest critique.

But i know that the real thing i need is
Experience.  More and more practice at Teaching Yoga Class.

The third week, i once again had six people in my class, but THREE of them  were instructors (one of whom i felt was judging me the whole time {though i think that was only in *my* head!}), so i was nervous.  
AND, i might have slowed the pace down, and taken all the Down Dogs out of the mix, but i replaced them with


So once again i was fussing at myself all the way home after class...
Not Good.

Yes, i talk to myself about not being negative about myself.
I also tell myself this is just Yoga, and not Brain Surgery (THANK THE STARS!!!)!
But when i *know* i didn't really do a good job, i cannot "fake it" with myself into thinking it's okay.  I honestly WANT to be a Really Good Yoga Instructor.
I want to be able to help people to feel the way *I* feel after taking a really good Yoga class.

But back to today. (Sept 25th; the fourth time i've taught this class)

Today.  =-)

Well, the Heavens didn't open up and the angels didn't sing, but near the end of class, i knew.  
I just *knew* that i had *finally* taught a GOOD Slow Flow class.

And i can't tell you how wonderful that makes my Heart feel!

Sure, i only had two students, but i don't care.  I honestly like it BEST when i only have one student.  I worry about each individual too much when i'm teaching more than one, and i worry that it's too much for this person and not enough for that person, and that really messes with my MoJo, and that's when i start screwing up and getting too caught up in my head and worrying about every-little-thing.
Today's class was Kat (the instructor i'm really comfortable with), and a guy i've seen in the studio a handful of times.  He's relatively new to Yoga, and so i was really comfortable treating *his* Yoga like i treat my Dad's Yoga.  I knew Kat would push herself further where she needed pushing, so i only gave cues for the guy's benefit.  It was a Good Class.  I didn't have them do *any* Downward Dogs; the Forward Folds were minimal, and i didn't have them hold them forever; i had them step back from Mountain into their Crescents &  Warriors.  I even had them do a couple of Planks!
It was a Good Slow Flow class!  =-)

And i *finally* didn't fuss at myself on the way home from teaching Tuesday's Slow Flow class.

{deep inhale, deep exhale}  (a sigh of relief, really)

Now i just need to figure out some different things to have them do when we're on the floor for their seated exercises.  ;-)

Baby Steps of Improvements.

Smooth Sailing for Today.

Photo by Bunny

I hope you're having an Absolutely Awesome Day!!!


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  1. Instead of feeling intimated by those instructors taking your class (why ARE they in there anyway?), why don't you ask them for suggestions?

    Don't you plan the class out in advance as far as what moves you are going to make so there is no repetition?

    I'm sure it will all work out as you get more relaxed and confident in your position.