Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yoga Post


Today, i *finally* feel like i taught a Good Class for my Slow Flow class at the Studio.  =-)

The first time i taught this Slow Flow class (Sept 4th), it was as if i was standing beside myself, watching myself and thinking "What the HECK are you DOING?!", but i was powerless to stop myself!  

I didn't give a Slow Flow class, but a fast Vinyasa class (flowing & moving with the breath, fast, with sweating involved) with tons of Downward Facing Dogs in it!  
I *knew* i was f*ckin' up, but i couldn't stop myself!  
I had six people in that class, and most of them typically take Vinyasa-type classes (i.e. more difficult than Slow Flow), so i guess i kinda got a little freaked out by that, and my brain couldn't handle trying to give them Slow Flow when i honestly felt they were there for "Hard & Fast".  
Plus, i had a *ton* of Downward Facing Dogs in it, and i'm *tryin'* to gear this class toward seniors, people recovering from surgery and/or injury, people wanting to become more flexible (like athletes; runners, weight lifters, ball players, golfers, etc), and those wanting a slower pace.  
Down Dog is honestly *not* "the most comfortable" pose.  It's a difficult posture for *lots* of folk.

So the second week, i slowed it down, but it still wasn't what i was supposed to be teaching...  But it was easier for me because i only had one student, and she's a yoga instructor, so i at least was able to be calmer, and to stop when i needed to without me worrying about what she was thinking about me.  (I'm comfortable with Kat, and not intimidated by her.)
And, Bonus, after class i had her give me an honest critique.

But i know that the real thing i need is
Experience.  More and more practice at Teaching Yoga Class.

The third week, i once again had six people in my class, but THREE of them  were instructors (one of whom i felt was judging me the whole time {though i think that was only in *my* head!}), so i was nervous.  
AND, i might have slowed the pace down, and taken all the Down Dogs out of the mix, but i replaced them with


So once again i was fussing at myself all the way home after class...
Not Good.

Yes, i talk to myself about not being negative about myself.
I also tell myself this is just Yoga, and not Brain Surgery (THANK THE STARS!!!)!
But when i *know* i didn't really do a good job, i cannot "fake it" with myself into thinking it's okay.  I honestly WANT to be a Really Good Yoga Instructor.
I want to be able to help people to feel the way *I* feel after taking a really good Yoga class.

But back to today. (Sept 25th; the fourth time i've taught this class)

Today.  =-)

Well, the Heavens didn't open up and the angels didn't sing, but near the end of class, i knew.  
I just *knew* that i had *finally* taught a GOOD Slow Flow class.

And i can't tell you how wonderful that makes my Heart feel!

Sure, i only had two students, but i don't care.  I honestly like it BEST when i only have one student.  I worry about each individual too much when i'm teaching more than one, and i worry that it's too much for this person and not enough for that person, and that really messes with my MoJo, and that's when i start screwing up and getting too caught up in my head and worrying about every-little-thing.
Today's class was Kat (the instructor i'm really comfortable with), and a guy i've seen in the studio a handful of times.  He's relatively new to Yoga, and so i was really comfortable treating *his* Yoga like i treat my Dad's Yoga.  I knew Kat would push herself further where she needed pushing, so i only gave cues for the guy's benefit.  It was a Good Class.  I didn't have them do *any* Downward Dogs; the Forward Folds were minimal, and i didn't have them hold them forever; i had them step back from Mountain into their Crescents &  Warriors.  I even had them do a couple of Planks!
It was a Good Slow Flow class!  =-)

And i *finally* didn't fuss at myself on the way home from teaching Tuesday's Slow Flow class.

{deep inhale, deep exhale}  (a sigh of relief, really)

Now i just need to figure out some different things to have them do when we're on the floor for their seated exercises.  ;-)

Baby Steps of Improvements.

Smooth Sailing for Today.

Photo by Bunny

I hope you're having an Absolutely Awesome Day!!!


Sunday, September 9, 2012


Sorry i haven't posted sooner, but i haven't really felt like "talking".  I haven't been depressed, though; just quiet.  

My Full Blue Moon Gathering on the 31st went well.

I invited 13 people, and believe it or not, 13 came.
*Not* the same 13 i originally invited, but whatever.  Semantics, i guess.

I was happy with it.
I didn't, however, get any pictures.
I wish i had thought of it, but i was too busy trying to socialize with everyone.  =-)
Plus, i don't think many would have wanted me &/or Boyfriend roaming around snapping pics of everyone.

And the Moon was gorgeous that night!  
It was only partly cloudy that night - just enough to be romantic - and i loved glancing up throughout the evening, and seeing where she had floated to along the sky.

It was a beautiful night, and a very nice party.
It was also nice for me to (finally) reach out to others.
And i discovered that i can reach out to others, and not be smacked on the hand while doing so.
Sure, there were people who didn't RSVP.  But that's okay.  I tried not to take it personally.  Stuff happens.
And i also had to have a little talk with myself that, despite my truth that i'd like for everyone to like me,
everyone doesn't *have to*.  And i don't need to stress over that.

But i'm thinking i may or may not have a gathering for the next full moon.
Haven't decided yet.
I think i'll wait 'til it gets a little closer.  Or maybe i'll just wait 'til October to "worry" about it.  =-)
Or maybe i'm just Miss Scarlett.   HAhaha!  =-)

So here's a picture i'll leave you with;
it's my Beautiful and Awesome daughters with me in our backyard.
It wasn't taken that night, but it was taken not too long ago, so i thought i'd include it.
It was a happy evening.

I hope you have a Wonderful Week.
Or at least you can find a Moment that was Wonderful to be thankful for.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Something I Needed to Find Today

In reading blog posts today, one blog led to another when...
i stumbled across something i'm needing to hear:

"Fear is just Excitement
in need of an Attitude Adjustment!"

Yes, i need to recite that lately.
Thank you Universe for sending it my way.

I'll post about my Blue Moon Gathering later.
(Hadn't planned on posting here today, but then i found the above and just *had* to "put it somewhere".)   =-)

photo by Pam