Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Okay, here's what i'm hoping to do in the next four weeks.
(I'm hoping that by putting it on my blog, it'll make me "obligated" to get it done!)

I've *totally* organized my Art Room (formerly the Art/Yoga room), and moved things around and made some changes in there.  It took awhile, as many worthy projects do, but i've finished getting it totally organized, and i want to share it here with you.  It's working for me.  I've already been doing stuff in there.  =-)

And speaking of "doing stuff", that leads me to another post i'm wanting to make soon.  I've been working on making bunting for Bunny's wedding.
You mean i haven't told you about Bunny's wedding?
Oh shit!  "My bad", as they say.

Bunny (my 23-yo daughter) announced in June that she and her boyfriend, "AJ", got engaged.  Their wedding date is September 21st.  She wants to have her wedding in our backyard.  She wants a sort-of non-traditional wedding.  And she wants me to make bunting to hang from the house to the shop, and perhaps in the trees and/or on the fence.
What.  Not really sure what i'm talking about; "bunting"?

Check this out.
*That's* what i'm talking about.   =-)

So i had her go through allll my fabrics the other night and pull out the fabrics she wants me to use for her buntings.  So i've been working on that lately.  I usually don't post pics of Works In Progress.  I prefer to post about *finished* projects.  But for some reason i'm wanting to post about it.  So...

Another post i'm wanting to make is about our front yard.
Yes, i know i *just* made a post about our back yard.
We did that work in July/August.
But now we're having our front yard re-done.
And i'm lovin' it!!!
And they're supposed to be finished fairly soon, so i want to post about it as soon as i can.
Did i mention i love it!?   =-)

I also want to make a post about all of the projects i have "in process" (Work In Progress), so *hopefully* that will get me motivated to get to work on them!  Plus, it'll help me to see just how many projects i have, and hopefully help me get motivated instead of depressed about them.   =-)

So, to sum up, that means posts about:

1.  The Art Room
2.  Bunny's Bunting
3.  The Front Yard
4.  WIPs

I have declared it.
Make it so.  (That one's for you, Pam.) (Who else knows what that's from?)

So.  What are you wanting to accomplish?  Craft-wise, Blog-wise, Organizing-wise, whatever subject.  Leave a comment and i'll come check out your blog too!
(Maybe one of these days, i'll figure out how to do one of those Link-y things...  Hmmm...)

I hope you have a Super Day!!!

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