Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I haven't taken the time yet to take pictures of my Art Room.
Big Surprise, right?
I'm sorry.
But i *do* have Good Intentions!
...I know, i know; "the road to Hell is *paved* with Good Intentions."

But i *have* been working on Bunny's Bunting, and i have a *bunch* of them sewn and ironed up!  (Or a "shit-ton" as Bunny would say.)  I'm so tickled about them!  And they make me happy, just looking at them!   =-)

So i'll soon take pictures of them and post about them, too.
I keep thinking about maybe doing a tutorial ("tute"), but then i just keep thinking about how there are already tutes alllll over the Internet for making Bunting Flags, so i keep talking myself out of doing a tute.  If you want to see tutes for how to make Bunting Flags, just go to YouTube and search 'bunting'.  That's how i got my courage up to do mine.   =-)

Work on the front yard has been going a little slow around here.  The weather hasn't exactly been co-operating, so.  Yeah.  It's been slow.
But it was *really* nice out yesterday, so i finally washed the truck in the driveway.  Because, MAN!, did it ever *need* it!  Boyfriend had driven it when it "snowed" here (i put it in quotes because it was really just 'snow-dust'), so my black truck was really grey.  But NOW it looks GOOD!  =-)

And i haven't taken the time to work on *any* WIPs because i've been having such a good time working on the Bunting.   =-)
And i think that's okay.

So that's my "check-in" for this week.
I hope you're having a productive week.
And if you're not, then i hope at least you're having a Good Week.   =-)

'Til next week!


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