Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just Checking In...

Well, i meant to post *yesterday*, but...

I left my house at 5:00am on Tuesday!  Yes, Tuesday morning!
I am NOT a morning person, if i haven't told you that before.
But Boyfriend woke me at 4:30 Tuesday, and we left in our truck at 5:00 for Knoxville, Tennessee.
He had a job to do there, and i "volunteered" to go with him.
Well, because.
Because it's what a wife does after almost 30 years of marriage,
when Boyfriend's close friend and work-mate dies suddenly from a heart attack at the young age of 53.

Ricky was "the picture of health".  
Just turned 53 on January 1st.
Never smoke, never drank
in his entire life!
Rarely ate red meat.
Rarely ate dessert.
Ran 3 miles a day!
Knew his cholesterol & blood pressure numbers.
...had all the "markers" of a healthy person.

Went out on a run with his wife of 27 years, while the 20-something daughters (2, just like us) waited at home.

...and dropped dead on that run.
Massive heart attack.

It *really* hit Boyfriend hard.
Very Hard.

Ricky and Boyfriend had been on many road trips together for work over the years.  Probably 10,000 miles or more.
They had many similarities and many differences, but they respected each other.
They were mentors to each other, helping out where they differed, and commiserating where they had similarities.

Yes, it really hit Boyfriend hard.
Got him thinking about his own mortality.
Got him wondering what it's all for.
Got him thinking maybe he *should* have that Chocolate Nut Sundae once in awhile, after all.

And it got him thinking about how he never told Ricky that he loved him.
Loved him as he would a brother, if he had a brother.
But now he regrets that he never verbalized it.

So in my "being there" for my man,
and in my attempts to comfort someone who's not too good at being comforted and expressing "weakness", i told him i'd start travelling with him on his business trips.

So Tuesday, i drove to Knoxville, and he answered e-mails, texts and phone calls all day.  It's a FOUR hour drive, point-to-point.
Don't get me wrong; we stopped for breakfast; we stopped at Rest Areas.
But all in all, we were on the road for almost half the day.
I actually enjoyed driving.   =-)
And he enjoyed the fact that he actually got work accomplished instead of "wasting" that time by "only" being able to drive.
Win-Win.   =-)
He got a bunch of work done, and we had each others' company.

That made me miss posting yesterday.
And my "latest" goal is to post every Wednesday.
And, in case i haven't told you, i'm not very successful at planning.
Oh, who am i kidding?  "Planning" simply doesn't seem to have a spot in my brain at all!
So i didn't have a post "pre-posted" for you.
I'm sorry.

So, here i am today.
Without a lot to say.
I have a *bunch* of Bunting for Bunny, but she and i need to get together at a fabric store and pick out the Bias Tape in whatever color she likes before i'll really be working on it again.
And i haven't really worked on any of my other WIPs lately.
Nothing new to "report", really.

But i *am* feeling good today!   =-)
Which is Good News, since last week i had a little bit of depression going on.

And i hope YOU are feeling good, too!
It's been cloudy and raining and gloomy here all day, but i've managed to stay warm and keep busy and get a  few things accomplished, so.
GOOD for me!   =-)

I hope *you* are being slightly productive today, too!
And don't forget to tell someone how much you love him/her.  We won't be here forever, you know.
Take care!


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