Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Art Room (Finally!)

Guess what?! 
It's time for the post about my "newest" Art Room!

I know, right?   =-)

I have a few "in process" pics, and then...
Well, i've hesitated in posting about my Art Room, 'cause i *first* wanted to get pictures of it "Clean & Pristine", but...

Well, that hasn't really happened yet, now, has it.
I just find that i have a number of projects going at one time, and it's never really "clean & neat" and "ready for it's Close-up".

So, here it is...
As Is.

As you would see it on a daily basis if you were to pop in for a visit.

Boyfriend, working on the 
wonderful Counter area:
This work-top is really 2 kitchen counters
They measure 8 ft long x 25 in deep, each.
The fronts are rounded over, so it's 
a beautiful working surface for fabrics.
In other words?
A Wonderful Working Space!

He's so Professional!  =-)
Note all the Natural Light pouring in through the 5 (FIVE!) windows.
(The windows are facing West and North.  
The 2 in this photo are the North-facing windows.)

Putting the third leg on.
(Oh, Pat!  I just heard myself say that, and i
thought of you!  lol!)   =-)

It's also from Ikea.
I wish i'd gotten a picture of it before he put the shelf on the holders.
But i really like it!

And now for the "After" pictures.
I put all of my projects in plastic boxes, purchased from Dollar General.
I got 2 sizes, but i don't think i have any pictures *specifically* of them.
I also put my Beading stuff in one box, and my Embroidery stuff in a different box, and etc.

Don't you LOVE being Organized?!
It just helps me not get "overwhelmed" when i try to go in there and 
Do Something.   =-)
I already had the lamp, the table in the corner, the cardboard on the wall (for  painting), the tall Drawer-thing, and the shelf.
The cardboard for painting is really two Dressmaker's "thingy"s, purchased from WalMart for around $5.00.  (You're seeing the back of it, 'cause the front is white and has a measured grid on it.)  Boyfriend has screwed it to the wall with washers & screws, and it works *Wonderfully*!  I love it.  I also keep cardboard on the floor for drips and oops.   =-)

Note the books on the shelf over the windows.
Also, the tall shelf unit contains my "fabric stash".
That's what Quilters call it, anyway.
But compared to most Quilters,
i really don't own much fabric at all.
(I am *stunned* by some ladies' Stashes.

See the storage boxes below the counters?
And the shelves they're sitting on?
Love!   =-)

We hung some of my paintings up, 
and now i can stand back and look at my Artwork.
And it makes me feel like,
"Wow, i really *am* an Artist, 
aren't i?!"

This one was taken standing in front of the lamp, 
showing the back door on the right, 
and the door into the house on the left.
Plus, more of my paintings.

And that's my Art Room!

I haven't been out there a *whole* lot yet, but i've been doing this and that, 
here and there,
and i'm REALLY really Grateful that i have it!

It's where i work on Bunny's Bunting flags.

And, hopefully that'll be my next post...
Well, *soon*, anyway.

I have a BUNCH of them made, and i'm wanting to get to the store with Bunny so she can pick out the Bias Binding "tape"-thing so i can start putting them together.  And *THEN* i should be able to make a post about it!
Finally, right?    =-)

Well, i hope you're having a Wonderful Day!
And maybe you'll get the chance to start working on a Project you've been hoping to get to.   =-)

Take Care of Yourself!

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  1. Ha ha ha! Loved the "third leg" comment! ;)

    The art room is beautiful! Call it your art "studio"!

    You are an ARTIST!!

    Love all the windows!