Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 5th, 2012

So... Yesterday.

I am now OFFICIALLY a Registered Yoga Teacher!!!  =-)

I took the 200-hour course at Gotta Yoga in Charlotte.  It was Quite a Ride, too.  =-)  Lots of Yoga; lots of emotions; lots of "stuff".  

And i learned some very valuable lessons.
I think the most valuable lesson i learned is that "Girls are Okay!"
I've never had a "group of girlfriends" that i hung out with.  I've never had a special "best friend", other than Boyfriend, but i'm talking about Girls!
Oh, don't get me totally wrong; my daughters are my Best Friends,
and my Sister has ALWAYS been my Best Friend.
But they kinda "hafta" love me.  =-)

I'm talking about someone who started out as a stranger, but ended up as a "Girlfriend" or a "Bestie".
So imagine my delight and surprise when i discovered this group of ladies of all ages who didn't whine about everything,  didn't bitch about little things, didn't talk about each other behind each others' backs, and didn't get moody!  I LOVED IT!!  =-)  It gave me a renewed faith in "Female-kind".  =-)

I had the privilege of auditioning for my Yoga Studio this past Thursday.  =-)
And i did just fine.  =-)
I've been offered a position there!!!
Right now, i'm "merely" on the Sub list, 
but come the Fall, they'll probably offer me a Regular class!  And i'm SO tickled!  =-)

On the HomeFront:
The Landscape Dude is in the back yard right now, hammering and making all kinds of noises as he and his lone helper bust up all the concrete back there.  It's an area of about 14'x26'!  And they're just using one sledge hammer!  I offered them mine so they could each bust the concrete, but he told me it's okay...  Whatever, Dude!  It's gonna be slooow going for ya, but whatever.  =-)

I hope you're having a WONDERFUL Day today!  
(You'd better be; this is the only June 5th, 2012 that you're gonna get!) 

Here's a little "Relaxation Inspiration" for ya!
photo by Boyfriend @ Long Key, FL
June 2011



  1. Hey - congratulations on becoming a yoga teacher! I'm glad you tried something new and enjoyed it! I hope you get a full time position in the fall.

    I just love that photo!

  2. Thank you Pat!
    And i still need to post about winning your contest. Sorry i've been such a BadBlogger! I didn't even let you know what i got from Amazon! Tsk, tsk. I AM bad!