Monday, June 4, 2012

May 30th, '12

Boyfriend and i are busy with plans for the backyard.
He's decided he really wants to do some "re-work" back there.

So i've been moving dirt and plants from that area, 'cause it's gonna be totally changed!

Last Tuesday (the day after Memorial Day) was a kinda busy day for me.
First, i transplanted a bunch of my irises; some into the front yard, not far from the front door; some to the back left corner, by the fence.  [Weekend before  last, Boyfriend and i moved 3 Clematis plants, and about 15 Asiatic Lilies.  We put them in the "new" area up against the fence.  They already look great!  =-)  (I was so afraid that moving the Lilies would kill them, but they actually survived!)]

I also did some sewing.  My little sister, Z, brought a friend, Nikki, over on Sunday evening (May 27th) and asked me if i could fix a couple of Nikki's dresses.
Huh?  I haven't seen Z since the day before Daddy left, and all of a sudden she zips in and wants me to do something for her friend...
Okay.  Whatever.  (At least she knows i'm here for her.)

Anyway, i did a repair on one dress (sewed elastic back in around the top), and "tightened up" the straps on another dress.  It was kinda funny because, with Monday being a holiday, i kept thinking that Monday was actually Sunday, so Tuesday kept feeling like Monday to me!  Nikki "needed" one of those dresses on Tuesday 'cause she was going on a date, so when it suddenly struck me that morning that, "Oh Crap! It's TUESDAY!!!", i had to jump-on-it!
Whatever.  It got me goin', anyway.  =-)
While i was at my sewing machine, i also repaired Bunny's purse that's been sitting there for a few MONTHS waiting for me to fix it.
And i "darned" the hole in my jeans that's been slowly getting bigger.

So THAT felt good!  To get all that stuff accomplished, and to be in front of my  sewing machine again.  It made me feel like "the Old Me".  =-)

I also made supper!  Boyfriend & i went on the Atkins diet in March of 2011, and have been on it since then, and something about it...  I dunno.  I just have been on a downward spiral about getting in the kitchen and actually cooking.

And now?  Now we're switching from Atkins to Ayurveda.
What?  You've never heard of Ayurveda?  It's merely the oldest medicine there is. It's a holistic way of living that's over 5,000 years old, and it's from India.  Deepak Chopra has a site about it.  And this is an AWESOME book about it, including recipes!
Anyway, i diverge...  I've been reading about Ayurveda, and trying to memorize my "Allowed" and "Not Allowed" foods, AND Boyfriend's "Allowed" & "Not Allowed" foods, and so i'm having a difficult time with trying to figure out WHAT to cook!
But Tuesday, i cooked!  And it felt GOOD.  
Again, feeling more like "the Old Me".  =-)

It was a good day!
I hope you're having a good day, too!


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