Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 19th, 2012

I'm really behind in blogging about my painting (the verb).
Back in April, i finished this one, which is *still* unnamed...

Sorry, but you'll have to click on the picture to see the entire thing

It's 3' x 4', acrylics on canvas.

"Canvas?!"  I know, right?  But it's what i had, and i wanted to give it a try.
Discovered i don't really *like* painting on canvas, though.

It started out as 3 black birds in flight...  
but as i looked and pondered... 
it switched 
and became those red/orange/yellow "wing"-type things (but envision them upside down, 'cause that's the way i painted them.
The canvas was turned the other way.
*Much* of this painting was done "upside down", actually.  
It wasn't until the girl came through that i actually turned it the other way around  and discovered that i'd been painting upside-down previously.  =-)

Don't ask me what this painting is or what it means.  I don't know.  I just painted what it "told" me to.

My daughter Kitty said the girl's an alien.

The top left corner is the sunlight; Hope. Love.  
Shining through. 
Reaching, and waiting for me to reach *for* it.

I do know those things at the right are eyes.

I think this Painting was teaching me that there is no "true" right-side-up; that "intuitive painting" is just as change-able and shifting as Real Life is.
My lesson in it all is to just "Go With It!" and "Let It Become".  

Painting *and* Life;  
"Go with it and Let it Become."

Here it is with my Lovely Assistant for perspective of scale  =-)

I think she loves having her picture taken...

Here's a close up of the bottom right corner.
I have this "thing" for bubbles in my paintings, apparently.  =-)
Not really sure what they represent, but i think it's Hope.
They come up frequently it seems.

And the eyes in this painting are because i always feel like i'm being watched
and/or being watched over.
I've *Always* felt this way.
There is *always* someone or something watching...  
All my life i've felt it.
The eyes in this painting are judging, however.

And this is the bottom left corner.
I also have a "Thing" for spirals.
I think they're Magical 
and Primal
and Beautiful
and full of Meaning and Life.

I've finished another Painting that i'll blog about soon.  I like it, even though it's "simple" (meaning it doesn't have a lot of Detail).

I'm not really sure if i "like" this unnamed Painting.
But that isn't important; it is, after all, about the *Verb*, painting, not about the Noun.  That's what Intuitive Painting is about.
And for me, it's about how i FEEL as i'm painting it!
And I LOVE painting!!!

Why don't you give it a try sometime?
You just might surprise yourself!
(I know *I* did!)   =-)

{Before you go to bed, look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself an Authentic Smile.  Maybe dare to tell yourself "You are Worthy!"}

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