Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20th, 2012 - He's Always Watching (Over) Me

Back again!  And so soon!
Shocking, i know.
But i wanted to write a post about my latest Painting...

This one is about how i've always felt like i'm being watched...
Or "watched over"...
I'm not gonna argue the point.  What i'm wanting to "document" is the Painting.

It's approximately  4' x 3'
acrylics on paper
finished August 14th, 2012
titled "He's Always Watching (Over) Me"

Here it is (in outdoors light):
{click on the picture to see the whole thing}

Bottom Left of the Painting:
That's "Him"
(I kinda wish his wings were bigger, but i painted it as i "felt" it)
{click on picture to "biggify"}

 Top Left of the Painting:
His "Spiral" & my "Spiral" match (mostly), signifying that we "go together"
That's supposed to be the Sun behind my head...
{click on picture to see the whole thing}

My blog isn't cooperating today, and my pictures are out of order...
But here it is in the full sun (except for that small section on the right, which is in shadow...)
{click on picture to see the whole thing}

Bottom Left Corner:
Those "dots" on me are Worry, Fear, Self-Doubt, etc
but it's okay because the white around them are Hope & other good stuff, which usually keeps them at bay...
The flower-looking-things started out as Bubbles (again? What's with the Bubbles?!), but i changed them and made them to look like Flowers.
I know.  Not very "intuitive painting" of me, but...  Oh well.
I like them, anyway.  =-)
{click pic to see it's entire self}

Top Right corner:
The Sun, my Spiral-link to "Him", the Flowers/vine continuing up into the sky
{click pic to see the whole photo}

So that's my post for today!
I'm really tickled that i had time to do it today.  Wasn't sure when i'd get to come back.  =-)

And i'm working on another Painting now.  NO idea when it'll be done, but...

And this new one is about Women!
Women Dancing!
The phrase that keeps running through my head while i'm painting is
"Wise Women Dance!"

I think it's about me & other women in my backyard...  Dancing under the Moon...
or something similar.

Wish me luck!!
I'll post about it when i can.

I hope you're having a Marvelous week!  It's the ONLY third full week of August 2012 you'll EVER HAVE!!!

Love & Light -



  1. I like that you paint what you feel. thanks for interpreting what all the symbols mean. This is such a cool painting. Really looking forward to "Wise Women Dancing"!!

  2. Thank you Pat.
    Not really sure about "what all the symbols mean", but that's what i was thinking while i was painting all that stuff. ;-)

    And i've sort of stalled on "Wise Women Dance"... Not really sure what comes next. Guess i just really need to get out there in my "studio" and START again! =-)